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Web Companies Can Purchase Hundreds of Unique Clicks Through Solo Junky

Solo Ad Campaigns Give New Life to Smaller Web Companies


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2015 --When many companies that operate online fail to find the revenue they are looking for, they often turn to expensive advertising. Yet that can quickly yield less than satisfactory results. But solo ads from Solo Junky actually target people who are ready to buy the products that these companies are trying to sell.

When many ad companies offer buyable clicks, that is all they are offering- a certain number of clicks. But with, clients are not only paying for a certain number of clicks (sold in 100 increment packages), they are paying for unique clicks. They don't have to wonder how many of their clicks are from the same person; they know that they will be getting at least the specified number of unique site visitors.

And these are visitors who are prepared to pay for products online. They have already proven to be paying customers in the past because of where they have been sourced from. And they are able to be sent directly to web companies' sites at a nominal fee. These sites can pay well under $1 per click and see immediate turnovers. Results are promised within 72 hours, making this a great way for companies struggling to meet their bills to turn things around in a short amount of time.

For web companies that have tried other means of reaching out to new customers and attracting new sales, this could be their means to break out and improve their customer base. Many companies have already reported significant increases in sales, clicks and opt-in rates. It appears to be a proven method that is already becoming profitable for a number of companies.

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