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New Vogel Crystal Protection Pendants Heal the Aura

These pendants are cut from high quality optically clear crystal quartz.


Edmonton, AB -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/02/2015 --The Rainbow Warrior Prophecy store is now carrying Vogel Pendants. These powerful protection pendants were invented by Marcel Vogel a scientist at IBM. He used them to protect himself from audiences when he was giving public speaking engagements. There are many imitation Vogel Pendants on the market, but these are cut by Marcel Vogels head cutter who ran Marcels Vogel's cutting operation. He has been cutting Vogel crystals for over 30 years and is considered one of only 2 people in the world skilled enough to cut Vogel Crystals and Vogel Pendants. These pendants are also called Star Of David pendants as they resemble the Star of David when you look directly at them.

Vogel pendants are reversible depending on your environment. Vogel Pendants can be used by energy healers to help draw in healing energy, or to wear them for protection from negative energy and entities. They are useful for anyone that is engaging in any spiritual art, or even just being in public or negative environments!

These Vogel Pendants come in 2 different colors and contain dichroic glass inside the pendants which give them an amazing rainbow color saturation to them.

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