DCHN, Fine Metal Finisher, to Attend EASTEC 2015 in West Springfield, MA

DCHN Demonstrates Full-Service Capabilities from Aluminum Anodizing to Hard-Coat, and Embedded Printing to Laser-Marking


Woonsocket, RI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2015 --DCHN, LLC, a Katahdin Industries Inc. company, will be attending the EASTEC Show—New England's Premier Manufacturing Exposition—in West Springfield, MA, at the Eastern States Exposition from May 12-15, 2015 (Booth# 5674). As an industry leader in technical aluminum anodizing, DCHN will demonstrate the exceptional chemical stability and corrosive resistance of MICRALOX®, an innovative anodic coating for aluminum. DCHN will also provide information on their new bundling of coating services that includes in-house SANFORD PRINT—embedded printing, epoxy ink, and laser-marking services.

MICRALOX® is a patented aluminum-oxide coating with a micro-crystalline barrier that revolutionizes aluminum anodizing. MICRALOX® produces a long lasting, virtually indestructible surface that delivers dramatically superior chemical corrosion resistance and eliminates color fading due to super-heated steam and is an excellent alternative to stainless steel, plastic, and other materials. David DiBiasio, Director of Sales and Marketing at DCHN, states, "Our goal is to showcase how MICRALOX® can be adopted by manufacturers to solve basic quality and performance issues, allowing anodic coatings to be confidently extended into new applications such as medical instruments, marine products, and other industrial products used in corrosive environments. For medical instruments and ancillary equipment made from aluminum, the most significant trend is how to provide a protective coating to the aluminum to allow repeated washing and sterilization, without a detrimental impact to the finish and printing on the part. This is especially true when high-pH detergents are being used or when autoclave, STERIS, and STERRAD® sterilization methods are employed, as these methods can strip, discolor, delaminate epoxy printing, and be the cause of other in-field failures. MICRALOX® resolves many of these issues."

Aluminum anodized parts and equipment require printing and marking for many reasons: identification, branding, regulatory compliance, and instructions, among others. In all these cases, DCHN can help meet the needs of manufacturers, particularly medical device manufacturers, implement the Unique Device Identification (UDI) system, required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on medical devices. DCHN's anodizing capabilities and printing methods ensure traceability and part identification when using conventional silkscreen printing, laser-marking techniques, or SANFORD PRINT—an embedded and indestructible print below the coating surface. DiBiasio says, "Our state-of-the-art facility and highly-skilled engineers enable us to offer this combination of an extensive range of anodizing capabilities and printing methods—all under one roof, delivered per customer specifications—while significantly saving them time, money, and worry by eliminating the use of multiple suppliers." He further adds, "We look forward to making new connections at this year's EASTEC Show. Come visit us in booth# 5674."

As the largest aluminum anodizing and hard coater on the East Coast of the United States, DCHN has a broad range of production capabilities, starting at lab testing, to pilot and development, through production. Each production line has a wide variety of capabilities to produce anodic coatings exactly to their customers' diverse and challenging specifications. DCHN operates one of the most complete and newest production line capabilities in the country.

DCHN, LLC recently received the accreditation for ITAR, in addition to its continued accreditation for ISO-13485:2003 and ISO-9001:2008. ISO-13485 represents the requirements that medical device manufacturers must incorporate into their management, engineering, distribution, and quality systems. Receiving ISO-13485 is another example of the on-going investment DCHN has made to better serve its medical customers by meeting their critical supply and quality system needs.

For more information on DCHN, contact sales@d-chn.com, call 401-288-5209, or visit their website: www.d-chn.com.

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