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Eagle Chiropractic in Pennsylvania Helps Patients Find Relief from Headaches with Natural Treatments

The professionals at Eagle Chiropractic locations throughout Chester County, PA offer patients all-natural treatments for headaches


Exton, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2015 --Eagle Chiropractic, with three offices in Chester County, PA, is helping local patients finally find relief from debilitating headaches through natural and drug-free solutions. Instead of having to rely on heavy prescription medications for headache pain relief, patients of Eagle Chiropractic are instead finding relief through treatments such as adjustments, stretching, massage therapy, as well as lifestyle and wellness behavior modification.

Headaches are most often caused by misalignment of the neck vertebrae, which results in pain from the tightness in neck and shoulder muscles. This pain from tightness will usually begin at the base of the skull and radiate toward the head, causing pain in the forehead, temples, and eyeballs. Most people commonly take nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for headaches; however, when headaches are too severe, prescription narcotics are also conventionally prescribed. Unfortunately, these drugs only treat the symptoms of the headache and don't address the true root of the problem. Through chiropractic treatment, patients of Eagle Chiropractic can find permanent relief from headaches without any sort of medication.

To treat headaches, the professionals at Eagle Chiropractic use proper massage therapy and spinal adjustments to realign the targeted vertebrae, release muscle tension, and reduce the causes of the headache pain. This is done through a customized treatment plan that the chiropractor has created specifically for the patient, addressing their unique concerns and needs. Patients will also receive guidance and counseling about lifestyle and behavioral modifications that can help to prevent the reoccurrence of headache pain after their chiropractic treatment.

In addition to offering natural treatments for headaches, Eagle Chiropractic also provides patients with treatment for neck pain, back pain, and other health challenges or pain conditions that may interfere with daily life.

About Eagle Chiropractic
Eagle Chiropractic offers Pennsylvania patients three different treatment locations in Chester County, including Exton, Glenmoore, and Pottstown. Four different doctors of chiropractic are available to treat patients at Eagle Chiropractic: Dr. Andrew D'Allesandro, Dr. Desiree D'Alessandro, Dr. Cynthia Glendening, and Dr. Andrew Gottlieb. Each doctor has many years of experience in the chiropractic field and is committed to helping patients find natural solutions for pain relief and overall health and wellness.

For more information about Eagle Chiropractic in Chester County, PA or the services they offer for headache treatment, please visit EagleChiropractic.net.