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Roseville, CA Chiropractors at Twin Creeks Health Help Patients Regain Health After Auto Accidents

Dr. Michael Putman and Dr. Anthony Oberti at Twin Creeks Health help Roseville, CA patients reclaim their health after being involved in an auto accident


Roseville, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/06/2015 --It's estimated that nearly half of all chronic neck pain in America is due to car crashes, most from low speed rear-impact collisions. In fact, more than half of all low speed rear impact collision injuries occur without vehicle damage. But just because a vehicle didn't sustain damage in a collision doesn't mean there won't be lasting health consequences for those involved. Dr. Michael Putman, D.C. and Dr. Anthony Oberti, D.C. of Twin Creeks Health in Roseville, CA are encouraging all who have been in recent auto collisions—even the most minor—to have their health evaluated to prevent long-term complications.

Whiplash is the most common injury sustained from low speed rear-impact collisions. This is caused by the sudden deceleration of the vehicle, causing the people inside to absorb the movement. Although seatbelts are designed to stabilize bodies in the instance of a collision, the upper torso and head are left most vulnerable. This leads to common soft tissue injuries like sprains, strains, misalignment, and soft tissue tears. If left untreated, these soft tissue injuries lead to complications with scar tissue and adhesions that can cause chronic pain.

In many instances, the full effects of whiplash injuries do not manifest themselves for several weeks or months. And if car accident victims wait this long to be treated, they risk longer recovery times or even permanent damage. Dr. Putman and Dr. Oberti encourage those who have been involved in car accidents to seek an evaluation right away to determine if they have sustained whiplash damage. If soft tissue damage has occurred in the neck, Twin Creeks Health patients will receive access to a comprehensive treatment lineup to help them completely heal from their injuries.

As opposed to offering only chiropractic treatment, Dr. Putman and Dr. Oberti at Twin Creeks Health provide a multi-faceted approach to healing. They provide chiropractic services as well as physical therapy, massage therapy, oxygen therapy, neurological treatment, and metabolic supplements to help aid in soft tissue repair. The entire treatment process for minor whiplash injuries may take place over 3-4 months, with the possibility of 6-8 months for more serious injuries.

Dr. Putnam and Dr. Oberti are known for their expertise in the Roseville, CA area for treating car accident victims and those with whiplash injuries. They have a combined 30 years of experience providing chiropractic and multi-faceted treatment for patients with a wide range of health ailments.

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