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Sherri Wall Dwelley Named As Global VP Sales & Marketing for Civitas LLC


Accomplished Veteran, Sherri Wall Dwelley, with expertise in the sexy adult costume and lingerie industry, but most known for results in being the pioneer who first secured a long term contract with crossing the lines into and with, the commercial Halloween costumes; has joined forces with Deborah Burnett and Civitas. Wall was asked just three weeks before Halloween last year to give her sales pitch in an attempt to close a sale with a prospect never dealt with before. Two hours in that meeting generated sales from her offer to leave her product on consignment until after Halloween. What wasn't sold could be returned, and after a small return, the sale brought in over $40K from that one account. As a result of the soaring sales, she cultivated and nurtured for weeks on end with monitoring, negotiating, sampling for adjustments and last minute changes, in overseeing photo shoots, creation and production of the color header cards, and even traveling with her own model and the new creations, to the New York City showroom in the Toy Building, where all was put on display for one week in the buyer's private showings. The sexy on the edge creations were a hit, which got her the ink on that five year contract which too was created and drafted by Wall. Thus, the beginning of the commercial Halloween and the Sexy Adult Halloween costume being combined into the fabulous creations which are now being done by many others for this Halloween. And with Halloween just months away, Wall has recently accepted the position with Civitas, who is based in Las Vegas, as their Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing. And if Sherri had impressed the industry with that crossing of the product lines; wait till you see what she saw in the Civitas "Purseless Purse"; it's not only the best Halloween accessory and necessity, but for any and every event, Holiday, special occasion, and the day to day usages. Make it a point to visit the Civitas booth #752 in the main Pavilion Room during the Las Vegas Lingerie show. We can guarantee they will make a show special, "Something you just can't refuse".

LAS VEGAS, NV. -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/5/2006 -- Civitas, manufacturer of their ultimate “Purseless Purse”, shall exhibit this unique product during The International Lingerie Show, being held at the Rio Hotel, April 3, 4, and 5, 2006, in the main Pavilion, Booth #752.

Civitas to English translation means a society or individual with independence. The Purseless Purse was designed especially for today’s versatile lifestyles for both men and women of all ages. So essential is their product in our day to day living, plus in providing the discreet security, for peace of mind and total independent freedom. You can feel casual yet classy, or classy yet casual. The Purseless Purse has literally hundreds of uses and is attractively designed with style for the individual taste..

All that style and class doesn't stop with just the product line!! At the Top Management level is our own Industry Veteran, Sherri Wall Dwelley. Sherri formerly held position as Vice President/Director, Global Sales & Marketing at Forplay, Inc. and Delicate Illusions. ARAMARK Corporation was home base for her in Massachusetts for nine years as Executive Business Account Manager. It was recently announced that Sherri has accepted position as Senior Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing for Civitas. The President, CEO, Creations & Designs title belongs to Owner, Deborah Burnett. Deborah formerly held position as Owner of International Fabrics of Las Vegas, Promotional manager for Tower of Jewels, assistant. District manager for a one stop shopping with 58 stores under her. Business consultant with G. A. Wright one of the leading retail management firms.

Las Vegas is at the top of the charts in Entrepreneur Magazine ratings. The City of Las Vegas ranks first in the west for both economic growth and entrepreneurial activity and ranks 11th overall in the nation. From the urban beat of a big city to the wide-open spaces of the outlying landscape, there’s a place in Las Vegas to suit everyone. Dreams of riches are usually just that; but the dream of a better life, is one that can come true in Las Vegas. This dream became reality for Deborah Burnett.

Five Year's ago, Deborah Burnett's daughter was going to a New Year's Eve party and did not wish to carry a purse. Being a designer amongst other things, Deborah was asked to create something for her daughter to carry her ID, lipstick, and some cash in. Ingeniously, what she designed and created was a hand beaded bracelet, featuring a mini purse that rested discreetly on the inside of the wrist. To the naked eye; all that was seen was the beautifully beaded bracelet. Everyone at the party wanted one; thus Burnett launched her business; and in such great success, has been on one of the leading electronic shopping stations, nine times!

The backgrounds of Burnett and Wall-Dwelley are similar. Both businesswomen have held top management positions for very large firms; both experienced hands on with Sales, Marketing, and Promotions; both hold certification in Sales and Management Recruiting and Training; and both are work-alcoholics. And gentlemen, rumor has it that both ladies are single. This has to be makings for a very successful dynamic duo team and just being in their company a pleasurable experience with each feeding off the other’s wit and same sharp intelligence. It’s been said, “Opposites may Attract”, and however in the case of Burnett and Wall, “Sameness and Alikeness may strengthen for success”. Since Sherri joined up with Deborah three weeks ago, the two have been traveling Coast to Coast in redirecting the Civitas “Purseless Purse” and product line promotions, with full redirection into the Wholesale arena of the Fashion and Apparel Industry. They do work hard but also spotted hard at play in Miami Nightlife during Music Fest and spotted in Fort Lauderdale at Hustler’s Boutique.

Ladies, whatever magnetism you each have is multiplied in joining forces and hearing nothing but interest and excellent reviews in receiving your positive energy charges with mirrored personalities and a class all of your own. Best of luck in your joined venture.

Oh and of course due to the strong product line which carries over 150 styles of Purseless Purses; and their other line of products in close comparison to briefcase styling, called “The Versa Case” will be on display in the exhibit debut April 3-5, 2006 at the Rio Hotel Pavilion Room Booth 752 for the International Lingerie Show…. Make it a point to stop by and check these ladies and their products. Offering show specials and daily drawings for give a ways. Introduce yourself to Deborah as she isn’t familiar with you yet, as Sherri is and has been over the years in dealing with many of you and would too enjoy your taking the time to see just what “The Purseless Purse” raves and reviews are all about.

Civitas, a “Class Distinction” for individuals of all ages.
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