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Galveston Cosmetic Dentist Unveils New Technology for Implants, Veneers and Whitening

Texas dentists at Today’s Dentistry in Galveston and League City are now employing leading-edge technology to achieve stunning results for a myriad of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures


League City, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2015 --The Texas dentists at Today's Dentistry in Galveston and League City are using the latest technology available to provide a full range of dental treatments in the Gulf Coast area. Today's Dentistry professionals use a variety of 3D imaging, laser technology and more to make even the most basic procedures more accurate, less invasive and more effective than ever before, reducing appointment and recovery time while decreasing discomfort and repeated office visits for many.

Today's Dentistry in Texas uses the newest intraoral cameras to clearly diagnose the condition of teeth and gums, allowing highly accurate diagnosis of gum disease, cavity occurrence, decay, enamel wear and other hard-to-see disorders in less time and with greater efficiency. These advanced tools allow dentists to zoom in on miniscule target areas in search of signs of disease, decay, cracks, chips and worn fillings with extreme precision. Once located, full-color images taken with an intraoral camera are digitally displayed, allowing the close examination and diagnosis of disease and damage. This also allows patients to gain insight about the effects of good and bad hygiene in areas invisible to the naked eye.

Dental bonding, fillings and veneers are now done with improved precision and less downtime than ever before, thanks to advanced 3D imaging and improved materials. Today's Dentistry professionals now employ new techniques for creating highly-detailed, perfectly matched fillings, crowns and veneers, taking the guess work and less-exact handcrafting out of the equation. With 3D imaging technology and improved materials, dentists and technicians create longer-lasting, better-fitting corrective pieces that improve smiles for longer. Composite fillings created with tooth colored resin are a visible improvement over the older silver fillings, and new application technology make replacements much less frequent.

Today's Dentistry also offers advanced digital x-ray technology by KodakĀ®. This new approach to x-ray examination benefits both the dentist and the patient by significantly decreasing the exposure to radiation. A digital x-ray involves taking a detailed picture of the teeth with is almost immediately visible on a nearby computer monitor. A large, color-enhanced image clearly depicts the overall condition of oral health, allowing earlier diagnosis and treatment. Digital x-rays are better for the environment, as they eliminate photo chemicals and traditional film, lead-based toxins and radiation exposure while providing more insight into patients' oral health. To learn more about the advanced technology, techniques and tools in use at Today's Dentistry in Galveston and League City, Texas, visit them online at