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Expert Advises of Red Flags of Bullion & Coin Industry

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Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/08/2015 --RCW Financial, a firm that assists individuals with a wide range of tangible investments, has released an article detailing a number of key issues to watch for when investing in bullion and coins.

The article, "Red Flags: Warning Signs in the Coin Industry" by RCW Financial, covers various common issues for those investing in modern bullion, modern coins, foreign and generic numismatic coins. In addition, the article offers helpful information and guidance on how to correctly invest in bullion or coins.

"When purchasing common gold bullion coins, such as modern American Eagles, you should not be paying more than 5 to 10 percent above the spot price of gold, and you should be able to sell for at least the spot price or more," said Steve Contursi, President of RCW Financial. "The current spot price is easily available from many sources on the Internet, so it's easy to avoid overpaying with just a minute or two of investigating."

Among the advice offered in the article is to be skeptical of coins advertised on television and radio, as coins that are available enough to support a large national marketing campaign are not likely to be very rare. In most situations, the costs of advertising get passed on to consumers. Additionally, the article warns against temporary premiums, in which retailers promote specific hoards of coins, generating a great deal of interest around them. Because the secondary market is virtually non-existent, the value of these coins eventually collapses.

When investing in rare coins, individuals should establish a relationship with a reputable firm and spend ample time verifying the company's expertise. They should also ask plenty of questions to determine if rare coins complement their investment goals. If they would like to move forward, potential investors should decide how much they would like to invest in the market, and then examine a proposal from the company and discuss with the representative how it would meet their goals.

Contursi explained, "The rare coin market is not for everyone. This is a market similar to high-end real estate, art or fine wine and is supported by collectors, investors and other coin dealers. If you are thinking of getting into this market, we advise you review your financial goals and ensure you are purchasing truly rare coins with a track record appealing to collectors."

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Steve Contursi has bought and sold more than $1 billion in rare coins and has owned or participated in the purchase or sale of over half of the coins featured in the "100 Greatest U.S. coins" book published by Whitman Publishing. RCW, is one of the most trusted rare coin firms in the world.