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Undetectable Wig Alternative "Dream Hair Blending Enhancements" Uses 10% of Profits to Help Alopecia and Chemotherapy Patients

Innovative hair thinning and hair loss specialist Dream Hair Blending, helps women in need suffering hair loss due to diseases or medical procedures.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/07/2015 --Sevlor, Co., announced that Dream Hair Blending, Winner of the 2014 Gold Award, and the 2013 Best Innovative Technology Hair Reconstruction Awards, will provide their revolutionary undetectable hair replacement technology called "Hair Blending Enhancements™", to women in need. Provider to women worldwide suffering from hair loss and thinning, alopecia and other hair problems, the company intends to use 10% of its profits to create hair blending enhancements for women in need who are suffering from hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy. Now these lovely women can also continue exuding self-confidence and develop the will to beat their illnesses and embrace life to the fullest.

Known in Europe for being virtually undetectable by sight or touch, Dream Hair Blending Enhancements has won the loyalty of many women around the world who are experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, or who simply desire more volume and length. The company's R&D team is credited with creating a revolutionary open base design incorporating their ultra thin and sheer "invisifiber" material, which is very difficult to see or even feel upon close inspection. The company sells its branded products worldwide via its easy order website. According to the company's founder August DiChristina, the Dream Hair Blending philosophy is simple. "Offer a quality product that allows a woman to feel truly confident that at all times, no one will be able to tell that every strand on her head is not her own hair beautiful hair." This philosophy is what makes women flock to Dream Hair Blending, even if, due to high demand they sometimes have to wait up to 2 months to receive their enhancement.

The company's product also offers some other distinct advantages, DiChristina explains. "A hair blending enhancement is nearly impossible to see or feel, so women can feel at ease with their partner touching their hair. And its ultra comfortable. Unlike a wig, a hair blending enhancement adds hair to a woman's natural hair in a unique and innovative way. It is not bulky or dense at all, and does not feel hot or itchy. A woman can sleep with it, exercise, swim, and even windsurf while wearing it.

No glues, bonds, clips, tapes, links or sewing attachments are required to secure the enhancement. So there is never any hair or scalp damage. And no salon installation or maintenance is necessary, which saves women money. A woman can blend her own hair with the enhancement hair, and can style it anyway she desires, including a high ponytail, up-do, or straight back off the face. Wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces are not able to offer all of these advantages."

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Klaus Miller, recognized industry expert recommends Dream Hair Blending to salons and the medical community specializing in hair conditions like alopecia, hair thinning and loss. Miller feels that the women's hair replacement and industry has seen little innovative technology in the last 30 years. And notes the lack of will by the industry to address critical issues of wigs, silicone caps and other hair replacements, including damage, limited hair integration, comfort, bulk and attachment difficulties. Citing Dream Hair Blending's technology as "impressive", he describes their approach as "out of the box", focused on the user's perspective instead of traditional protocols based on cheap, fast, and high profit manufacturing, which still dominates the industry.

About Dream Hair Blending
Established in 2007, Dream Hair Blending offers their speciality brand of innovative hair replacement and hair extension alternatives. Through their technology proprietary techniques and materials, the company has helped women across six continents with their hair loss issues and lack of length or volume. Products are 100% hand crafted by artisans specializing in hair pieces for major movie productions, theatre and the entertainment industry.


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Contact:August DiChristina