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Parents Can "Spring" Into Better Sleep This Season, Thanks to Big Discounts from the Baby Sleep Site


Columbus, OH -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/10/2015 --Spring is the season for starting fresh - and that includes "starting fresh" with baby and toddler sleep schedules! Parents everywhere struggle with challenging sleep issues that result in chronic exhaustion, health problems, lagging work and school performance, and more. Fortunately, Nicole Johnson of The Baby Sleep Site® - the web's leading resource for exhausted parents of babies and toddlers - is helping parents worldwide conquer their sleep challenges once and for all with her Spring Sleep Sale. Tired families can enjoy up to 20% off all sleep products and services (including e-books, site memberships, and their incredibly popular personalized consulting packages), for a limited time.

According to Johnson, most families see huge improvements in their children's sleep challenges after using The Baby Sleep Site®'s personalized sleep consulting system. "We have 11 trained sleep consultants on staff, myself included, who work one-on-one with parents to conquer sleep challenges." At the heart of this personalized consulting is the Personalized Sleep Plan™. "The Personalized Sleep Plans™ that we create for each family are essentially step-by-step guides that identify sleep challenges and sleep goals, and then give parents a day-by-day plan for resolving sleep problems." It's the personalize nature of the consultation system that makes it so effective, according to Johnson. "In my experience," says Johnson, "most parents have tried solving their children's sleep issues on their own, but without success. It really helps to have an objective and compassionate expert explaining what to do next, and helping you deal with setbacks that arise."

The Baby Sleep Site® is also offering big discounts on their array of do-it-yourself sleep coaching resources, including their brand-new Express Sleep Plan™. The Express Sleep™ is revolutionary, explains, Johnson - parents simply complete a brief survey, submit their answers, and receive a customized sleep coaching plan instantly. "This makes the Express Sleep Plan™ ideal for parents who want a more customized resource, but who feel comfortable implementing the plan on their own, without help from a consultant," says Johnson. "It's one of our most budget-friendly sleep resources, and since it's downloadable immediately, it's perfect for parents who want sleep help right away."

The most comprehensive sleep coaching resource, though, according to Johnson, is their Members Area. "The Baby Sleep Site® Member's Area is a virtual library that's full of exclusive articles, e-books, recorded seminars, case studies, and printable materials. It's basically a do-it-yourself parent's dream!"

Says Johnson, "Regardless of how parents use The Baby Sleep Site® to solve their children's sleep challenges, it's important to remember that spring is a GREAT season to work on your child sleep challenges! Most of us want to enjoy a relaxing, fun-filled summer vacation with our families, but that's hard to achieve if you're so sleep-deprived you can't see straight. It's my hope that parents will take advantage of these fantastic deals to "start fresh", and to help their children build new, healthy sleep habits this spring."

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Nicole Johnson is the President of The Baby Sleep Site®, which was founded in 2008. She began her journey to help moms cope with their babies' sleep schedule by leading an internet-based message board. Her goal was for new parents to overcome their own sleeping challenges much quicker than she had. Following that, she created The Baby Sleep Site® ( and expanded her offerings to include e-books, articles, a blog, and customized sleep consulting. The feedback from around the world has been incredible. The Baby Sleep Site® enjoys over 1 million visitors per month and has personally helped almost 20,000 families overcome their babies' sleep challenges. Nicole and her team offer professional, sound support that works.
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