Intulon LLC Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Scale Up Z-Command Production

Z-Command is a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use, and subscription-free monitoring system for home security and automation. Creator Intulon LLC has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to scale up Z-Command’s production and provide a white label android client for the device.


Seattle, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/08/2015 --Intulon LLC has recently completed the creation of Z-Command, a wireless device for home automation, security and energy monitoring. This small and unobtrusive device makes it a breeze for the users to monitor, control, automate and secure their home and office, saving both money and energy at the same time. The responsive web interface works seamlessly across different screen types.

Z-Command is capable of monitoring up to two hundred and thirty-two wireless sensors for temperature, water, light level, humidity, electricity usage, etc. Whenever the sensors meets a pre-set condition, Z-Command can be programmed to send email notifications to the user.

Some of the most useful features of Z-Command are

-Wireless home automation and security; Z-Command is based on z-wave wireless mesh network - no need to run wires.

-Z-Wave sensors are mostly battery powered making placement and installation very easy.

-Receive email alerts about security issues and sensor conditions without any subscription payments.

-Use multiple wireless sirens to deter buglers.

-Saves energy by intelligently lowering and raising the thermostat temperatures throughout the day. Also, helps keep an eye on real-time and cumulative energy usage.

-Powerful REST API allows for endless home automation and security creativity.

Intulon LLC has just started an Indiegogo campaign to speed-up its manufacturing. The company's Indiegogo funding goal is $20,000, and this amount would be used for the production expansion mentioned earlier.

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The official website of Intulon LLC is

About Z-Command
Z-Command is a wireless (z-wave) home automation, security and energy monitoring device. It can monitor up to 232 wireless sensors (temperature, water, light level, humidity, electricity usage etc) and provide notification by email, without requiring any subscription payments. It can also be programmed to control other z-wave devices based on sensor inputs or time of the day.