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WarehouseRack.com Announces a New Promotion of Segways for Warehouse Professionals

WarehouseRack.com Offers $200 Off and a Free Helmet With Purchase of a New Segway


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2015 --WarehouseRack.com, is proud to announce $200 off and a free helmet with the purchase of a Segway. This promotion offers a cost incentive to warehouse professionals who want to introduce Segways into their warehouse environment.

"Segways save warehouse employees time by allowing workers to get around efficiently," says Sales Manager, Mr. Robbins. "As a result, warehouses are seeing productivity and profits increase with the use of Segways, which is great news for everyone in today's economy," said Robins.

Segways are commonly used in warehouses because they are small enough to maneuver in tight spaces, and significantly reduce walking time. Man-hours are saved in reducing the commute time from one end of a warehouse to another. Workers can also quickly respond to any issues that arise - no matter what their location in the warehouse.

WarehouseRack.com offers new and used Segways to fit any budget. Accessories such as cell phone holders and waterproof bins are also available to extend the capabilities of Segways.

WarehouseRack.com carries products to help large and small companies in a variety of industries. They are confident that their Segways will provide simple and cost-effective solutions for any size warehouse.

Visit warehouserack.com for the additional products and information.

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