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Inventor Realizes Twenty Year Dream with Spaceharp


Douglas, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/09/2015 --It's a story of that spirit of human discovery and invention, where a passion that never says "I quit" perseveres until the vision becomes a reality. A nearly lifelong journey that's led to an Indiegogo launch of the SpaceHarp.

The SpaceHarp MIDI Controller is a radical new kind of universal music instrument. It can easily be setup on a table, stand or the floor, and it's played simply by moving one's hands, fingers, arms, head and/or full body over it. You dance, it makes music. You wave your arms, it makes music. Players stay in a relaxed, spontaneous and creative state without being distracted by a burden of analytical thought. The SpaceHarp is immediately accessible and intuitive, both for pros and the aspiring musician. It enables live performance including at levels of musical virtuosity extremely difficult to achieve in any other way.

Inventor and SpaceHarp Corp's founder David Clark credit's his team's vision, their brilliance and years of dedication. Some of the minds behind the SpaceHarp have worked at places like Nintendo, Apple and Laserium. Joe Solo, a music producer with credits including Fergie, Michael Jackson and Macy Gray has joined SpaceHarp as its Marketing Director. SpaceHarp's Creative Director Chris Adams also performs as 'DJ AHEE' for EDM and music festival fans. Jimmy Hotz collaborated with SpaceHarp for the firmware and hardware engineering of the controller, and is also creator of the Hotz Translator software. MIDI controllers designed by Jimmy have been used by a diverse range of Artists including Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, DJ Lethal (La Coka Nostra, House of Pain, Limp Bizkit), Jon Anderson of Yes, Kitaro, Paul Haslinger, Noize Suppressor, Doane Perry of Jethro Tull and others.

SpaceHarp MIDI controller is ideal for performing musicians, DJs and VJs, dancers, singer-songwriters, laserists, stage designers, producer-composers, Location Based Entertainment (LBE) developers, music therapists and aspiring musicians.

The controller's futuristic ergonomic design and 208 color-changing LEDs provide players with clear visual feedback as they play, and allows anyone to look amazing while they perform. The patented motion-sensing design blends nine optical trigger sensors with three sonar height sensors into a huge virtual control space up to two cubic meters in size. This groundbreaking hardware approach combined with SpaceHarp's Sound Galaxy suite of music software tools, empower players at every level of experience and skill to enjoy a high-performance flow of creative virtuosity with effortless precision.

This controller does not ask players to abandon the use of their favorite Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) music tools, instead leaving them free to use their DAW along with their best instrument samples and any of today's best music software. It works with widely available music software from Garage Band to Ableton Live to Pro Tools. SpaceHarp's free-space MIDI implementation is powerful, flexible and open architecture. The SpaceHarp's included MAX MSP patches also support the seamless use of optional accessories including Apple's iPod Touch and Hot Hand USB ring.

The SpaceHarp has also been found to spontaneously bring players into a healthy, dynamic "Creative Wellness Response" which is often described as euphoric. The SpaceHarp has potential therapeutic, health and wellness applications including for the impaired, disabled or handicapped. The Company encourages educational applications and seeks research partners.

The SpaceHarp is exclusively available via pre-order on Indiegogo. Every controller pre-order includes an in-depth instructional workshop held in Los Angeles; (workshops are optional). Deliveries begin November 2015.

The next opportunities to experience the SpaceHarp include the Lucidity Festival near Santa Barbara on April 10 and 11, and SpaceHarp's Studio Showcase at the Spring 2015 Brewery Art Walk in Los Angeles on April 25 and 26 at 11AM-6PM on both days.