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Work Zone Traffic Accidents a Major Problem for Motorists and Highway Workers


Hutchinson, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2015 --The safety of highway workers and motorists in construction zones remains a major concern in the United States. There were 609 work zone traffic fatalities in 2012 and 579 the following year (Federal Highway Administration). The consistent number of work zone deaths each year further illustrates the seriousness of the issue.

"The frequency of auto accidents in work zones is due to the errors of both motorists and construction companies," says Scott Mann, auto accident attorney of Mann Law Offices. "Some motorists drive recklessly and fail to obey the reduced speed limits in work zones. In other cases, construction companies post improper warning signs that give motorists insufficient time to stop."

Laws and regulations try to protect both workers and motorists from accidents in several ways. Fines are doubled for speeding in work zones in most states, including Kansas and Missouri. The law also stipulates that the speed limit must be posted, and workers must be present in order for these fines to be enforced.

The Department of Transportation hopes that the threat of a larger fine better protects construction workers on the highway. However, speed limits in work zones continue to be ignored. Many times drivers refuse to slow down if they do not see construction workers (which would not constitute a doubled fine). Unfortunately, workers are often hard to see and motorists do not discover their presence until it is too late.

"There are times when construction companies are also at fault," says Mann. "They have a duty to keep their work zone safe for both motorists and workers. This means they have an obligation to warn motorists of uneven road surfaces, and give them ample warnings before a sharp turn or stop."

In order to reduce the number of work zone traffic fatalities, motorists need to obey the speed limit in construction zones and be aware of any workers in the area. Pay attention to flaggers and avoid distractions while driving. Likewise, construction companies should do everything in their power to post proper signage and make themselves more visible to oncoming traffic. By working together, motorists and construction companies can help increase the road safety of all parties.

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