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Atlanta Tax Consultant Larisa Humphrey of Abundant Returns Co-Authors Newly Released Tax Planning Book

Larisa Humphrey and America’s top tax planners co-author book titled The Tax Detective – Uncovering the Mystery of Small Business Tax Planning


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2015 --Larisa Humphrey, Atlanta tax preparer and founder of Abundant Returns Tax Service recently launched a book which she co-authored with 15 other top tax planners across the nation titled The Tax Detective – Uncovering the Mystery of Small Business Tax Planning. Since its launch just last month, the book has become an Amazon Best Seller and 20% of all the proceeds from the launch day were contributed to the SCORE Foundation to educate entrepreneurs and help small businesses nationwide. The book is already helping people save money during the 2015 tax season.

The book is the collaborative work of 16 of America's top tax planners and educates individuals and small businesses about little-known strategies they can use to protect their personal or business finances and legally pay less money in taxes. The book is a step-by-step guide that takes the mystery out of tax planning, makes small business accounting easy, and shows people how they can protect and keep what they already have.

Larisa Humphrey is a former IRS employee who one day realized that she was paying more in income taxes than some of the millionaire politicians in the early 1990s. Wanting to find a better strategy for her own taxes and others, Larisa began taking income tax preparation courses and reading hundreds of books on taxes. Since founding Abundant Returns in 1991, Larisa has personally prepared thousands of tax returns, using her knowledge as an advantage to help her clients keep more money in their pocket each tax season than ever before. She helps hard-working individuals learn about and gain access to the same tax strategies that wealthy Americans do with their own expert tax preparers.

Throughout her career as an Atlanta tax preparer, Larisa Humphrey has also authored several other books to educate individuals about how they can minimize their taxes and keep more money in their pockets. The titles of these books include Pay Yourself Instead of Uncle Sam, Tax Breaks of the Rich and Famous, Secrets of a Tax Free Life, and Breaking the Tax Code.

The Tax Detective – Uncovering the Mystery of Small Business Tax Planning can be purchased directly on Amazon in hardcover format. The other book titles written by Larisa Humphrey herself can be purchased directly on her website.

About Abundant Returns & Larisa Humphrey
Since 1991, Larisa Humphrey has used her experiences working within the IRS to aid the Atlanta community with the tips and little known methods used by the wealthy to keep more of what they earn. Abundant Returns was recently awarded the prestigious Best of Atlanta Award for Accounting, Auditing, & Bookkeeping in 2015. Larisa Humphrey bridges the public's knowledge gap of tax law through tax preparation, bookkeeping, consulting and book authoring.

For more information about Larisa's newly-launched co-authored book, the services she offers for Atlanta tax preparation, or to purchase any of her other tax strategy books, please visit www.abundantreturns.com.