Brian Colón Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Launch of His Upcoming Puzzle Platformer Game Transcend

Transcend is a puzzle platformer game where the players achieve their target by transcending life & death, as well as time & space. Creator Brian Colón is seeking a funding of $60.000 via Indiegogo to release this game in the best possible way.


Lubbock, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/13/2015 --Transcend is an upcoming puzzle platformer game created by Brian Colón. The creator believes that he has created a unique game because, in this game, the players achieve their goal by transcending time/space and life/death. The background story of the game revolves around an average guy that receives the power to bring himself back from the dead and travel back in time. Utilizing this special power and the intuitive mechanics of the game, the players can guide the character through mind bending puzzles.

One of the most attractive features of Transcend allows the gamers to bring themselves back from the dead by using the bones of an ancient wizard. The ability of a player to die and come back from dead has a direct impact on each of the puzzles in this game. While playing Transcend, the gamers will also have the ability to travel back in time. Transcend is also unique in the way players navigate through the world map using colored keys and doors.

Brian Colón has recently launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise adequate funds for the market release of Transcend. To allow gamers an opportunity to play the game even before its launch, Brian has provided a demo link to the game though his Indiegogo landing page. However, this is a tech demo that doesn't represent the best possible quality. Proceeds via Indiegogo will be spent to upgrade the game in terms of its graphics, sound effects, and music.

The funding budget of Brian's Indiegogo campaign is $60,000, and this campaign will end on May 20th, 2015.

The official website of Transcend is

About Transcend
An upcoming puzzle platformer game created by Brian Colón, Transcend is the story of an average guy who is given the power to bring himself back from the dead and travel back in time. The story unfolds as the player guides the character through mind bending puzzles that utilize intuitive game mechanics that capitalize of the player's special powers.