HostChart Announces HostAssist, a FREE Web Hosting Service


Clover, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/03/2006, a leading web hosting resource, has announced a new program to help customers resolve conflicts they have with their web hosting company for FREE! Anyone that signs-up for a web hosting account with a hosting company that advertises on HostChart or is a member of the HostChart Hosting directory is eligible for this service for free! There are over 4000 web hosting companies in the Hostchart Hosting directory!

In today’s competitive web hosting market, the consumer is more knowledgeable and aware when they are begin misled by a web hosting copany. HostAssist ( allows website owners to feel comfortable disputing charges or services of their hosting comapny. HostChart has found that most people are afraid to challenge their web hosts for fear of the hosting company taking their site offline or providing less suppport in the future. The average website owner is not a programmer and is not comfortable moving their website when they are unhappy. Tehy are then afraid to compalin because they don't want their website held hostage.

Seeing this trend and adhering to it’s mission of helping people find happiness in web hosting, HostChart has decided to go the next service level. Now, once you find a new hosting company, HostAssist guarantees that you will not be misled or taken advantage of by your web host.

This is the second in a new set of services that are being introduced in 2006, said President, Rodney Ringler. We are looking to provide more tools to add to the vast set of resources we already provide. The consumer is more knowledgeable in web hosting and we need to evolve our tools and information to meet their needs. HostMove was the first. Now HostAssist. Stay tuned to see what we roll out next month!

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