Offers Increased Visibility Through Automatic Retweets

Subscription services are now available to help increase the visibility of any Twitter account through the allocation of retweets for every tweet. Automatic retweets are available in a variety of subscription options to fit every budget.


Jerusalem, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2015 --Social media has gained a lot of popularity as an advertising forum over the past several years. Now, services are available to help enterprising individuals increase their credibility and gain more influence in the realm of social media. is one service which offers automatic retweets for every tweet posted to a Twitter account; up to 1,500 retweets for up to ten posts every day. Subscription services are available on seven-, fifteen- and thirty-day options. Automatic retweets are a very effective way to increase followers and have content seen by a wider audience than simply posting tweets in a stand-alone manner.

"My Twitter account was just sort of languishing," says blogger James Wood. "Then, I found, and it's been like night and day! I have new followers, more retweets and a better audience for my tweets."

Through increased retweets, a Twitter account can become more visible and build a credible and reliable reputation. With greater exposure, a Twitter account gains relevance and begins to trend, attracting more attention and increasing its reach. With subscription services like those offered by, a Twitter account can easily be monetized and begin to create an income for its owner. Through purchased retweets, a Twitter account that hasn't gained much notice can be pushed into the spotlight, where it can be discovered by a wider audience.

About offers an automatic service to retweet all content posted to any Twitter account on a regular basis. The service automatically checks the account for new posts every 15 minutes and auto retweets those posts with no action needed from the account holder. Once a subscription is in place, content is automatically retweeted in accordance with the subscription. No matter what time of day new content is posted, within 24 hours, it will be retweeted up to 1,500 times by legitimate Twitter accounts.

Subscription services are available across a variety of price ranges, allowing everyone with a Twitter account to make use of a targeted campaign of retweets. No password for any account is needed to purchase retweet subscription services, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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