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Panama Relocation Tours Celebrates 5th Anniversary


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2015 --Panama Relocation Tours celebrate their 5th anniversary with an updated tour schedule. This goes along side news that Panama is emerging as a growing retirement destination, meaning demand is at an all time high.

A breathtaking sky is only the beginning of the wonders that Panama holds. It has so much to offer that many people have it at the top of the list of retirement destinations - and for good reason. Modern and very travel friendly, Panama features mountains, waterfalls, plenty of beaches and rainforests that will take your breath away. The famed Panama Canal which crosses the Atlantic/Pacific Ocean divide can be driven across. It can also be travelled by charter, cruise or other marine vessel. This year, a premiere touring company is enjoying their 5th anniversary offering 6-day all inclusive relocation tours. This tour enables anyone in the world a chance to check out Panama to see if it might be the place where they wish to some day call home.

Hospitals have modern amenities and the latest in technology. Renting and housing options are varied on several fronts. That's not all.

Consider for instance the fact that it's a huge free trade zone - the second largest in the world. Shopping in a trade free zone means no customs or duty fees on products and goods. In Panama, they practice a democratic form of government and use the U.S. dollar. International financial institutions rank it as an upper middle income city.

Panama Relocation Tours offer a flat fee all inclusive tour; which includes lodging, ground transportation and meals, as well as the flight back to Panama City. By seeing the Panamanian lifestyle up close, tourists can gain a glimpse into the life Panama can offer.

A spokesperson for Panama Relocation Tours said:

"We have seen an increase in retired people using Panama as their top relocation destination. This seems to go in trend with recent news reports stating similar trends. To support this we have offered more relocation tours throughout 2015"

The updated schedule can be viewed here:

Other points of interest include beaches and mountain towns. An excellent bonus is visits with expats, which is described as people who have citizenship elsewhere, but live in another country. These expats actually welcome Panama Relocation Tour guests into their homes.

To have your eyes open to this republic, and to see a lot of what Panama has to offer, a relocation tour is an option of which countless others have taken advantage.

One tour guest said this:

"For anyone considering an exploratory trip to Panama, Jackie Lange's Panama Relocation Tour is a must! The 6 day trip took us through so many different living environments from expat communities in Coronado, to homes in Las Tablas and David to our final stopping point in Boquete and Volcan".

Many say Panama is the best place to retire and they could very well be right. It's not too late to book for the next tour and take advantage of the 5th Anniversary all inclusive Panama Relocation Tours. To start that process and get in on a delightful vacation/tour destination bonus, visit

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Jackie Lange is the owner of Panama Relocation Tours ™ in Panama. She has lived in 4 countries, visited 26 countries and moved 22 times, this gives her vast knowledge about relocating.