JUCE Energy Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of JUCE Matchbook

The JUCE Matchbook will help consumers keep their devices charged while they are on the go! This product stands apart from the rest because it will be more accessible to buy/use, has a low price point, conveniently sized and is completely green (rechargeable, recyclable). The funding requirement for this project is $30,000.


Salt Lake City, UT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/17/2015 --All users of modern day electronic devices have been through the experience of their device going dead at a crucial moment. In this situation, the only solution is to find a charging outlet and wait till your device or rechargeable battery packs are refueled. Unfortunately, many of the users do not have the time for this lengthy procedure. The Matchbook from JUCE Energy promises to solve this problem.

The Matchbook is a portable, pocket-sized charging device that the users can carry with them everywhere. Arguably the simplest solution to power loss, this feather light, tiny charging device floats weightlessly from any phone or GoPro while charging. Most importantly, JUCE instantly delivers power without any wait time whatsoever.

Battery life will be another important component for the JUCE Matchbook. The company has prepared the prototypes using 1000 mAh batteries that are expected to deliver up to 50% more battery life for a device needing a recharge. The battery is guaranteed to hold its charge for up to a year. This allows the consumer to store The Matchbook in their first aid kit, glove box, purse, etc. for immediate use when they need it most. The recharge port of the device will be located just underneath the connector. An indicator light has also been added to indicate the charging status with red and green signals.

JUCE Energy plans to distribute this revolutionary charging device in places where it is needed most. With their plan of introducing their one-of-a-kind charger to vending machines, this charging facility will be available at sporting events, concerts, airports/airplanes, gyms, ski resorts, bars, and many other places.

JUCE Energy requires funding support to take these revolutionary chargers to the next level. Reaching their crowdfunding goal of $30,000 via Kickstarter, they will be able to complete their tooling and make their chargers available via the company website. In order to introduce the vending machines, they have a stretch goal in mind of $50,000. This Kickstarter project will only be funded if at least $30,000 is pledged by Fri, May 8.

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About JUCE Energy
JUCE Energy was founded by Brent Noble, Taylor Hyde, and Joanna Fankhauser. They conceive and invent deceptively simple products to accompany and pump up the capacity of today's electronic devices. The company identifies voids in the market and create solutions for people's every day needs in a straightforward, easy to use design.