Nick Cavarretta

Sydney SEO Consultant Turns Advertising Website Into Real Deal

Australian SEO and Marketing consultant ventures into premium advertising and content marketing for Australian businesses. Nick Cavarretta has taken over the website Buy Real Visits with a few hiccups on the way.


Sydney, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2015 --Buy Real Visits was previously built with the intention to drive traffic to websites, that's what the information said when they mentioned "We have a supplier who fulfils all the orders from the site, all you need to do is pass the orders to the supplier". Once Nick dissected the business plan that came with the website, it came to his attention that the original owner was selling fake traffic via a panel, which explains the supplier. Due to the nature of the visits, Nick decided to take the website into a completely different direction, making use of his skills in Advertising.

"When I bought Buy Real Visits, I wasn't expecting much since it was going for cheap, however, I didn't expect a platform running multiple bots taking free slow proxies from websites. I tried it out and all the fake was completely useless and just burns bandwidth, which is good for nobody. That's not the way I operate and I truly think if people are paying top dollar then they should receive a professional service."

It was four months ago Nick took over the website and it has been sitting on a server doing nothing since. The reason for this is Nick has been trialing and testing multiple networks, driving traffic to his own website where he promoted his SEO services for Sydney based businesses.

Nicks expertise involves multimedia and advertising design, which fits perfectly for designing banner ads and placing them onto well-known websites such as Newsweek, VentureBeat, Mashable, The Next Web and Life Hack, just to name a few. Nick has also decided to integrate content marketing into driving traffic to his website, utilizing his already established network that drives traffic from Google News, Mashable, BRW (Fairfax) and CNN. The third option that Nicks is offering with Buy Real Visits is referral traffic that comes from various social media platforms and Google Search, which involves more complicated techniques such as search engine optimisation.

Nick re-launched the website on Monday 20th April 2015 and is now taking orders, however, spots are limited and all entry clients get the first month free if they sign up for a six-month contract.