4Flix.Net Announces New Subscription Plan Access To DRM-Free Digital Video Content


Strafford, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2006 -- Online video site 4Flix.Net has launched its FREE*PASS annual subscription service, which allows unrestricted access to hundreds of feature-length movies, TV shows, cartoons and independent films for a full year. At a blockbuster introductory price of just $99/year, it provides a wealth of media to the consumer, and features dozens of new titles added each month. Subscribers also receive access to an exclusive suggestion form, providing them with a voice in selecting the type of content added over the course of the year.

By avoiding cumbersome Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes, 4Flix.Net's FREE*PASS subscription plan offers a huge advantage over other video subscription sites, which offer only streaming media or restrictive DRM systems, meaning when your account expires, you lose access to those files.

According to Cory Doctorow, former spokesman for the Electronic Frontier Foundation and writer for the influential technology blog BoingBoing, there are several reasons to choose to 4Flix.Net's DRM-free content over the competition: "If you amass a video collection of DRM video from Microsoft, Apple, Google, Yahoo or other restrictive suppliers, you're dooming yourself to either throwing out all your movies when you want to change platforms, or keeping multiple players and libraries from these competing companies that are attempting to woo the entertainment companies to licensing content for their locked-down platforms by promising ever-tighter restrictions in their players. With 4Flix, you get great movies and a great investment — because the movies arrive without DRM, you can be sure that you'll be able to play them back on devices and players from lots of companies for the rest of time. You can give them to your kids in your will or donate them to a school library. They're yours, and you can use them as you see fit."

With 4Flix.Net's FREE*PASS, the files are downloaded to your hard drive for viewing at any time on your computer, television or iPod, with no expirations or DRM hassles. These high-quality H.264 MP4 Files can also be burned to DVD for backup and even viewed on upcoming high-definition DVD players, providing a great investment value for the long-term.

H.264 video is the next generation video entertainment standard and offers much higher efficiencies than the MPEG2 standard currently used in DVD videos. H.264 content is visually compelling and allows 4Flix.Net content to be played back on a wide variety of platforms, such as:
* Macintosh, including Apple's new "living-room ready" Mac Minis and iMacs
* Windows, including Microsoft's upcoming Origami Ultra Portable PCs and Intel's VIIV digital entertainment platform
* Apple's 5th Generation video-capable iPod
* Sony's Play Station Portable (PSP)
* Blu-ray, including Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3
* HD-DVD, such as Toshiba's recently launched HD-XA1 HD DVD player

4Flix.Net's new FREE*PASS subscriptions are available immediately from

Launched in 2005, 4Flix.Net has been featured on BoingBoing.Net and dozens of other websites across the internet. The site has served up video downloads to over 70,000 visitors from 80+ countries worldwide since launch. A selection of shorter titles are available for download at no cost, and visitors can also subscribe to a free Video Podcast featuring regularly updated short films and animations. The 4Flix.Net Video Podcast is also accessible directly from Apple's iTunes Music Store by searching in Podcasts for "4Flix.Net".