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Avail Clinical Research Is Conducting Renal Impairment Clinical Research Trials in DeLand, FL - Participants Needed

Avail is conducting phase I studies of new therapies for renal impairment. Those who are interested can visit their website or call their clinic to learn more about participating in one their clinical research trials.


DeLand, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --*To learn more about these renal impairment clinical trials, please see: http://www.availclinical.com/trial/renal-impairment-2/ or contact them directly at (386) 785-2404.

Participating in a Renal Impairment Clinical Research Trial

With about 26 million Americans living with chronic kidney disease, therapies that can prevent renal failure are desperately needed. These improved kidney treatments can't be developed properly without the data obtained in clinical research trials. The research team at Avail is always looking for people who would like to take a more direct role in their health care.

The medications that save so many from having to rely on hemodialysis wouldn't be available if it weren't for extensive clinical studies. Unfortunately, this is not something that many people realize and clinics often find it difficult to meet their enrollment goals. Avail Clinical Research seeks to change this trend by educating more people in Central Florida about the benefits of clinical research trial participation.

These benefits include:
- Access to premium medical care at no charge to you
- Access to medical treatment without needing to have health insurance
- The opportunity to take a more direct role in their health care

Participants are not charged for any of the study-related care they'll receive during the clinical research trial. Additional screenings and medication that's administered during the study will also be provided free of charge. Volunteers can receive compensation for the time and travel required.

Renal Impairment Symptoms

During the earliest stages, renal impairment won't produce many noticeable symptoms if any. Symptoms become more prominent as kidney failure progresses and waste products build up in the body. Most cases of renal impairment are caused by underlying conditions like high blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes.

Advanced stage kidney disease can produce the following symptoms:
- Difficult, painful urination
- Nausea and vomiting
- Fatigue, weakness
- Foamy urine
- Pink, dark urine (blood in urine)
- Increased need to urinate (especially at night)
- Increased thirst
- Swollen face, hands, abdomen, ankles, feet
- Puffy eyes

Major Risk Factors for Renal Impairment & Kidney Disease

It's estimated that nearly 1 in every 3 Americans is at risk for developing kidney disease-- most don't know it. These are the major factors that put people at greater risk:
- Diabetes
- High blood pressure (hypertension)
- Being over the age of 60
- Family medical history of kidney failure

The following aren't considered "major" risk factors but are still notable:
- Previous instances of kidney stones
- Long-term smoking
- Obesity
- Cardiovascular disease

Qualifying for a Clinical Trial at Avail

The staff at Avail Clinical Research would love to talk with anyone who is interested in clinical trial participation. However, there are some things people should understand:
- The team is looking to enroll participants that exhibit signs of mild, moderate or severe renal impairment
- Health insurance is not a requirement in order to participate in a clinical trial
- Participants are expected to comply with all study-related procedures
- Persons must return a signed informed consent form in order to be eligible for enrollment

Please note: All clinical trial participants will reserve the right to exit the study at any point they deem necessary. For more information, please see the NIH's Patient Bill of Rights.

The Premier Phase I Clinic in Central Florida

Avail maintains a 14,500 square foot, state-of-the-art research facility that is located within walking distance of Florida Hospital DeLand. The clinic's staff maintains a strong relationship with the hospital, but is fully-equipped to run complex clinical trials for indications like diabetes, hepatitis C and rheumatoid arthritis.

The dedicated Phase I unit is one of the best in the Sunshine State and can accommodate up to 50 overnight patients at a time. Their Phase I team has decades of combined experience and will ensure that each participant's needs are met during their stay at the clinic.

For Sponsors and CRO's

Finding the appropriate clinic for a new medication can be extremely difficult. With more than 800 successful trials under their belt, Avail has a proven track record meeting enrollment goals. Contract research organizations (CRO's) and sponsors can rest assured that they won't find a better research facility in Central Florida. For more information, please visit: http://www.availclinical.com/cro-sponsors/

About Avail Clinical Research
Avail Clinical Research conducts a wide range of clinical trials in DeLand, FL. For more information about these research opportunities, please visit their website (http://www.availclinical.com/trial/) or contact them directly at (386) 785-2404.