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MILBIZ.com Offers "Making the Most of the Time You Have" with Dr. George Smolinski from fourhourphysician.com

Fourhourphysician.com and author Dr. George Smolinski shares with host Damian Taafe-McMenamy from MILBIZ.com talks about maximizing productivity, writing books, and building a publishing company as a way to empower entrepreneurs.


Renton, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --MILBIZ.com is an audio podcast by an active duty service member Damian Taafe-McMenamy on a MISSION to empower entrepreneurs in our military community through training, resources and by sharing the inspiring stories of successful service-members, veterans and spouses (just like you!) who have started their own successful businesses.Too many service members and spouses struggle to find meaningful work outside and after the military. Constant moves, continually changing jobs and the difficulty of capturing the military experience on a resume can make finding a job challenging. The current environment compounds this challenge through a struggling economy, a downsizing military and high unemployment for veterans and spouses.

At the time of this podcast launch, unemployment for Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan was 9% and unemployment for spouses was 26%. Now, more than ever, service members and spouses should consider entrepreneurship. Building a small business enables founders to create the meaningful work that matches their lifestyle. With planning and preparation, retired serviceman can create a business that gives them the purpose, flexibility, and income that they want instead of merely taking what is available on the job market.MILBIZ.com helps servicemen who want to learn how to design, launch, and build their own businesses.

Damian's latest guest is Dr. George Smolinski. George is an Active Duty Officer and the founder of the Four Hour Physician and Gutenberg Reloaded. The FourHourPhysician.com teaches tools, techniques, and resource to free up your time and allow you to use your time to do the things that matter. GutenbergReloaded.com provides the resources and tools to help people publish eBooks.

Dr. Smolinski started out as a resident physician at Walter Reed Medical Center. He then deployed to Afghanistan as a Battalion Surgeon and it was during that deployment that George found his inspiration in the book The Four Hour Work Week.

George began to look at his life and realized that there were three key things to having a quality life. The three factors are time, money, and health. Health and money are things that people can generate through hard work, but time is finite. There are only so many minutes in the day, so for George Smolinski M.D, he started focusing on how to make the most of those minutes by minimizing time wasting tasks and delegating tasks to virtual assistance. Through this experience, George took his lessons learned and developed the fourhourphysician.com.

"Having worked with George in the past, I can say that I've often been baffled by his ability to be masterfully efficient while taking great care of his patients. George has a natural ability to distill a problem down to its most basic elements and then do what needs to be done without getting caught up in irrelevant minutia. I initially thought that George's efficiency (and my inefficiency) was just a function of personality and not something that was really learn-ableā€¦until I realized he actually had a teachable skill set. George helped me to see the areas where I was getting stuck and helped me to streamline my practice so that now I actually leave the office by 4:00, instead of slogging away at notes until 6:00 or 7:00 at night." - Aeneas Janze, M.D.

Dr. George Smolinski has written numerous books is the co-author of Amazon #1 book How to Write A Book: Overcome Writer's Block, Beat Procrastination, and Write Your Book Now. George went one step further taking what he learned personally and launched GutenbergReloaded.com. GutenbergReloaded.com has now helped publish 4 dozen eBooks on Amazon and assembled a team of the absolute best writers, exceptionally talented layout designers, cover artists, and voice talent that can record any book into an audio book with great quality and affordable rates.

"I had been planning to record my own book for quite a while, but there was simply too much involved. I'm so glad I found Gutenberg Reloaded to take care of this project for me. Within a short time of submitting my initial inquiry, the process was under way.The professional narrator I chose, Amy Smolinski, did a fabulous job. After a few minor edits, the final copy was uploaded to ACX and approved without a hitch. If I had known it was this easy to record my book for Audible, I would have done so a long time ago. George was an absolute professional throughout the process, always responding promptly and thoroughly to questions/requests. I will be recommending Gutenberg Reloaded to anyone who wants to publish an audio book!" - Dr. Poonam Sharma, author of Strong Women, Strong Love: The Missing Manual for the Modern Marriage.

Listen to George Smolinski M.D., father of four young boys (two in diapers!), husband, full time physician, entrepreneur, author, snowboarder, and mountain biker, discuss in his own words how he created the life he wanted and can help you do the same. George offers access to his books for no cost and some other great bonuses in MILBIZ.com latest podcast, "Making the Most of the Time you Have."

About Dr. George Smolinski
Dr. George Smolinski is the founder of the Four Hour Physician and Gutenberg Reloaded. Gutenberg Reloaded is a new type of media company that offers a publishing and promotion platform wherein small and home-based entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, speakers, consultants and trainers can generate new leads, prospects and paying customers for their business by using cutting-edge internet marketing and digital technologies.