Focusky Introduces a Free Video Presentation Maker


Guangzhou, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/26/2015 --Focusky Software Co. Ltd, the pioneer in digital presentation software launched their latest product "Free Video Presentation Maker". This software enables a presentation to be converted to a video in minutes.

Corporate clients and even school teachers, university lecturers or students are often required to deliver presentations. The message that should be conveyed can be smoothly carried to the audience with a video rather than by a presentation as it has a better flow. However, users possess the required resources to develop PowerPoint presentations and they are more familiar with that process. Therefore making videos have remained an issue. With the introduction of the new software "Free Video Presentation Maker", users can now input a PowerPoint presentation and get a video as the output. Users commonly search the internet to acquire information for assignments, projects, etc. Even though presentations can be loaded for reference they should be downloaded in order to view. Due to the amazing feature of "Free Video Presentation Maker", PowerPoint presentations can be easily uploaded in a video format on websites such as YouTube and researchers can instantly view them for reference.

Focusky Software Co. Ltd. is the proud owner of the Focusky Presentation Maker. The software enables users to create diverse presentations such as online presentations, video presentations, PPT to video converter, mindmapping design, produce or service display and many more. Focusky products prove to be the most useful as the viewer does not require installing a program in order to view the presentation or the video. This significantly improves the viewer base of a Focusky presentation or video.

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