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Jason P. Jordan Appears on Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane

Jason P. Jordan Author of Personal Online Promotion and CEO of Barnum Media Group Appears on TV Show Greatness Quest with Trevor Crane’s Shows How to Write a Book and Become a Bestseller.


Renton, WA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2015 --Greatnessquest.com is hosted by Trevor Crane who interviews extraordinary business leaders and entrepreneurs, extracting their success secrets to success so you can unleash them in your business and in your life. You want more and you deserve to have more. There's always an opportunity to be more, to give more, to experience more… but in order to have more, you must become more.

The purpose of this Greatness Quest is to help you take your life and your business to the next level. To Become Your Best. No matter where you are today, there's always room for growth. You can be smarter. You can be stronger. You can be richer. You have no limits… except the ones you set for yourself. Learn the secrets to break all barriers.

Image for one minute: You write a book. You write a best selling book. Your ideal clients buy your book. They find out all about you and how you can help them. Your book becomes a lead magnet that brings you a ton of new business. Trevor Crane's latest interview is with Jason P Jordan, CEO of the Barnum Media Group, book launch specialist, and 2-time #1 best selling author. His latest bestseller is titled…Personal Online Promotion: Learn 3 Simple Steps To Help Your Name POP Up on Search Engines. Jason has helped many of his clients reach national & international bestselling status on Amazon across 20+ different categories and in multiple countries in just the last 6 months. He has done this using a proven 7 Step Stacked Launch Strategy. Jason P. Jordan reveals this 7 Step Book Launch Strategy to the public, for the very first time, on this show.

"I have witnessed many authors gain #1 Best Selling Author" status as a direct result of Jason's leadership and support. He is both brilliant and kind. I have told him many times that he is an Angel on Earth".

Ellie Savoy - Owner and Founder of Diet Free and Healthy, Inc.

Listen to author Jason P. Jordan discuss in his own words how to Position, Publish, and Profit which is what the 3 Simple Steps of POP will teach you:

1. Why You Need To Your Own Personal Online Command Center (POC²) Blog And How To Get It Set Up For FREE!

2. Discover the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Magic of Press Release Writing and Submission.

3. How To Tap the Personal Promotion Power of Social Media

"Jason has an uncanny ability to grab quick rankings in search engines for whatever he is trying to rank for. I have seen him do it first hand more than once. I highly recommend this book for anyone trying to enter into a new business or venture online!" - Justin Christianson, Co-Founder and President - ConversionFanatics.com

Jason P. Jordan M.Ed. takes pride in being a passionate entrepreneur, author, publisher, teacher, promoter, consultant and coach. He reach #1 in Amazon with his latest book Personal Online Promotion: Learn 3 Simple Steps to Help Your Name POP Up on Search Engines. He is also the co-author of two other books:

* How to Write A Book: Overcome Writer's Block, Beat Procrastination, and Write Your Book Now!

* How to Publish A Book: The Secret Guide To Generating Endless Leads for Your Business Using Amazon Kindle.

"Jason P. Jordan is aptly named the "Chief Promotion Officer" because he is brilliant at promoting any campaign. Jason stepped up to the plate and was instrumental in picking up the reigns of my book launch campaign when the situation seemed dire and my book wasn't ranking. I couldn't have achieved the sales volume that I did without Jason's leadership and talent in getting the attention that my book needed which finally ranked as a #1 Best Seller in 3 different Amazon Kindle categories. Because of Jason, I am able to proudly place the highly coveted "Best Seller" Badge on my book cover!"

Justine M. Gronwald - Bestselling Author of LAWYER UP! and Podcast Producer & Host of the "Legal Advice in Paradise" podcast show

As Founder and President of the Barnum Media Group, he has published several other business, self-help and success books under the brand Barnum Books. P.T. Barnum, a Top 50 All-Time American businessman, showman and entertainer, once said...

"No man has a right to expect to succeed in life unless he understands his business, and nobody can understand his business thoroughly unless he learns it by personal application and experience."

This Equation:

Experience + Marketing Knowledge + Success = Personal Online Promotion

About Jason P. Jordan
Jason P. Jordan is CEO and founder of the The Barnum Media Group is a new type of media company that offers a publishing and promotion platform wherein small and home-based entrepreneurs, authors, publishers, speakers, consultants and trainers can generate new leads, prospects and paying customers for their business by using cutting-edge internet marketing and digital technologies. Ultimately, Jason envisions not only helping fellow entrepreneurs promote their products and services but, more so, inspiring them to grow their businesses and eventually transform their lives and those of their clients.

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