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Charge Your Phone Using a Flashlight

Never run out of power when hiking, biking or camping again


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2015 --When hiking, mountain biking or in remote areas how often is there a low battery alert on the phone? Well fear not… Introducing the new Titan 1 flashlight phone charger with sound. The Titan 1 flashlight phone charger with sound lets you charge the phone while talking on the devices' speaker phone. Ideal for those on the job needing a flashlight and speaker phone without having to hold the phone.

Working with top designers the Titan 1 Flashlight Phone Charger with Sound allows hands free operation while using the flashlight and talking on the phone. When done simply plug the phone into the USB port and begin charging the phone, Simple! One fully charged Titan 1 flashlight will charge the phone 1+ times.

The LED light displays when the phone has successfully paired with the flashlight. Then use the flashlight, speaker phone or both as needed. The Titan 1 flashlight is ideal for the car and includes a 12 volt charger to keep charged and ready whenever and wherever it is needed.

The Titan 1 flashlight also includes a bicycle mount and visor clip for the car. Talk hands free when riding, pushing a stroller or in a car. When done plug your phone into the USB port and begin charging.

View our Youtube video at: Titan 1 Flashlight phone charger with sound

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