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New Jersey Certified Public Accountant Advises Tax Planning Tips to Maximize Next Year's Tax Return

Ronald D’Arminio CPA P.C. gives proactive advice and devises strategies to help New Jersey residents earn more and keep more


Randolph, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2015 --As the tax season finally comes to an end, Americans are beginning to see just how much they're getting back from, or paying into, their federal and state governments. Many business owners are surprised by how much they have to hand over when the books are closed up. Likewise, the tax return that many families rely on to bolster their savings or purchase that new TV/vacation/car seem to be getting smaller every year, with some individuals having to pay into the system unexpectedly. Ronald D'Arminio, CPA CTC, co-author of Secrets of a Tax Free Life, Surprising Write-Off Strategies Most Business Owners Miss, recommends a proactive approach to achieve a better tax outcome for next year's tax season – and for every tax season going forward.

A little planning in your current tax year can pay out heavily the following year with lower taxes, lower checks to the federal government and a bigger tax return. There are a multitude of legal, sometimes hidden methods for minimizing taxes throughout the year that might only be known through continuous research, education and years of experience. Splitting income among family members or legal entities or deferring income through pension and retirement plans may aid in income being taxed in a lower bracket. The U.S. tax code is a constantly changing environment, where certain expenses and income may be taxed differently depending on the tax year, helping an individual, family or business through deferment or delaying major purchases until taxation levels are optimal. Even unemployment income can become a tax issue that must be handled with precision and skill. Planning before the tax season begins can result in hundreds, even thousands of dollars in savings to an individual or business.

Ronald D'Arminio, CPA CTC is dedicated to educating his New Jersey clients about the many ways a little preparation can pay out innumerably. His free report, "10 Most Expensive Tax Mistakes That Cost You Thousands" serves to open the dialogue about tax preparation and introduce these techniques to the public. Reducing taxes so New Jersey residents and business owners can keep more of what they earn isn't a pipe dream but is achievable through personalized planning and knowledgeable execution.

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