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HR Virtuoso Company Announces New Software Release

HR Virtuoso Company announces the latest update to its groundbreaking mobile recruiting software. The new version of the software has expanded user functionality, including a full job requisition process and customizable badges to gamify recruiting.


Dallas, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/27/2015 --HR Virtuoso Company is pleased to announce that it is releasing an updated version of its groundbreaking mobile recruiting software. The new release will feature expanded user roles, a full requisition system, and an optional gamification panel for recruiters.

The technology is unique in the recruiting industry since it is specifically designed for high volume hourly recruiting environments. While other platforms replicate a computer-based experience, HR Virtuoso was built by and for recruiters from the mobile user perspective. HR Virtuoso isn't tied to a specific job board, so companies aren't forced to pay for expensive job board subscriptions. Unlike other platforms, HR Virtuoso will integrate with any background check, assessment, or onboarding system, and can even be added to an existing applicant tracking system. The system offers an optional gamification function whereby users earn points based on jobs posted, candidates screened, and hires.

Founder Liz D'Aloia explains, "I realized that most systems were built by and for exempt positions. However, 59% of Americans work at a job that pays an hourly rate. Most of these jobs are in the restaurant, hotel, logistics, retail, and staffing industries."

D'Aloia met with the most technical savvy recruiters in her network, and continues to rely on input from recruiters and customers as the platform evolves.

"We want a system that's easy for hiring managers and for candidates," D'Aloia remarked. "Through our beta testing with G6 Hospitality (Motel 6/Studio 6) we've been able to prove that our system can deliver a bigger candidate pool. When hiring managers have more candidates to select from they fill their openings with the most qualified talent available."

HR Virtuoso commenced a paid beta test with G6 Hospitality in November 2013. The test started with 37 locations in 2013 and has since expanded to 129 locations across the US.

G6 Hospitality VP of HR Michael Moore commented, "HR Virtuoso has unique features that help us recruit within our community. Before we implemented HR Virtuoso we were very restricted by the reach we had into the community. Now we post recruiting collateral in Spanish and English and it's helped us tap into a diverse candidate pool that we couldn't effectively access previously. Our Property Managers are expected to be out selling in the community, so it makes sense to give them the tools to recruit in the community, too."

The system is intended to give customers as much flexibility and customization as possible. Companies develop their own customize short form employment applications in any language. Since different positions have unique requirements, HR Virtuoso encourages companies to add job-specific screening questions to each application form.

D'Aloia observed that, "Simplicity is the key to our success. We make it easy for candidates to apply, we make it easy for recruiters to advertise, and we make it easy for hiring managers to screen candidates."

Since the system is designed for high volume hourly recruiting, HR Virtuoso works with companies to develop collateral to support grassroots recruiting efforts. Candidates apply from Craig's List or other online postings, or through a QR code or text number that is posted on recruiting collateral at the employer's location or in the community. Candidates click the link, scan the QR code, or text a number and are instantly transported to a short form employment application that takes 5 minutes to complete. The system can be accessed from any mobile device.

"The job market has shifted from an employer's market to a job seeker's. Employers have to make it easy for people to apply or they'll drop out of the application process. Many people, especially Millennials, may have skipped computer ownership, but 91% of Americans own a mobile device," D'Aloia noted.

HR Virtuoso is currently entirely self-funded. D'Aloia is considering pursuing a seed round of investment to fund future expansion.

About HR Virtuoso Company
HR Virtuoso was founded in 2013. Based in Dallas-Ft. Worth, the company provides custom mobile recruiting software solutions for high volume hourly recruiting needs in the transportation, logistics, restaurant, hospitality, and staffing industries. HR Virtuoso partners with companies to develop a short form employment application that is accessible on any mobile device. Simplicity is the key to our success; it only takes candidates minutes to apply for jobs.

About Our Founder, Liz D'Aloia
Prior to founding HR Virtuoso Company, Liz D'Aloia served as a Senior Employment Counsel and as a VP of HR in the transportation, retail, and mortgage industries. Liz believes that companies with high volume hourly recruiting needs must have deep candidate pools. She developed HR Virtuoso to give employers the talent pools they need to make smart decisions and is committed to making the system affordable for companies of all sizes.