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Fastwaterremoval.com Now Offers Emergency Flood Removal in Chalfont PA


Chalfont, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2015 --Residents of Chalfont PA can sleep a little better now knowing that 24/7 service against water damage is now available in their area. A flooded basement may sound like a funny joke, but water damage is no laughing matter. Burst pipes, broken hot water heaters, sewer backups, leaking furnaces, or floods are just some of the reasons a home or office may suffer water damage. Homeowners who encounter such damage are encouraged to call in a professional water extraction company due to the many dangers involved.

Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc. has dealt with sewer, water, fire, and mold damage for almost two decades. Upon arrival they will assess the damage, and begin water extraction almost immediately. Extreme care must be taken to avoid electrical outlets or wiring, and potential gas leaks must be fully contained before any extraction may begin. If water is allowed to sit in a home, even for as little as one day, the consequences could be catastrophic. Floors, walls, belongings, and the integrity of the structure itself could all be in danger. Even when the water is removed, there is usually a few inches of mud containing dirt and debris, making it a perfect breeding ground for mold. Strong industrial chemicals must be used to clean the home in order to avoid the spread of mold. Mold sets in fairly quickly, and can cause severe health problems for any of the occupants if not eliminated completely and efficiently.

About Elite Water Damage Restoration Inc.
The team at Elite are all fully certified professionals, holding IRI and IICR accreditations. They have all the special pumps and chemicals necessary for the removal of the water, and the elimination of any mold growths. Elite even has an A rating on Angie's list, having handled thousands of flood and water damage situations. They offer free estimates and will be on site within 45 minutes. They bill the insurance company directly, so property owners have one less problem on their plate.

If homeowners in the Chalfont, PA area suspect any water damage they should contact the professionals. With 24/7 service, they can all sleep a little easier.