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ASF On: The Modernization of Driver Licensing, Education, and Banking

The Automobile Safety Foundations petitions DMV, FCC, NHTSA, OCC and Banks for new driving safety measures.


La Jolla, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/10/2017 --"Causes of traffic crashes and distracted driving is a deadly epidemic that has devastating consequences on our nation's roadways," said Secretary LaHood.

The high incidence of automobile accidents caused by the use of cell phones and technical devices while driving has developed into an international safety crisis. The driving public has yet to be properly educated about the science of road concentration and the truth about the numerous driver distractions. Driver licensing and education programs have changed little this century and they require updating for today's NHTSA states, "driver distraction is recognized as one of the most common safety challenges. For this reason ASF has petitioned US DMV, FCC, NHTSA seeking to modernize driver licensing and education by teaching the, science of road concentration and avoidance of driver distraction with, "Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel" that covers driver related issues comprehensively and simply.

Driver licensing and education institutions have not only not been educating drivers thoroughly about important fundaments of driving, but also have been inadequate about teaching what not to do while driving. Most of the current driving safety campaigns about "distracted driving," have a singular focus on "texting" and these warnings are usually conducted with fear campaigning (tragic accident videos etc.). Also most of these campaigns are rarely warn about regular cell phone dialing while driving, or address the many other driving distractions such as the one of the most prevalent and never discussed, passenger distraction, that in the past has been glamorized in Hollywood movies and other media, lulling the driving public into a kind of frivolous "joy ride" mentality. ASF recommends a new psychology to driving as a more effective way of teaching safe driving, and so has utilized a new intelligent methodology with analogy of air travel where the operation skills of pilot and flight attendants, are taken much more seriously. In the ASF video, "Eyes On the Road/Hands on the Wheel," the action opens inside an automobile's "cockpit" with the driver (pilot) stating… "Welcome aboard...Please place your seats in the upright position, and prepare for departure…We will be driving at high speeds of up to 70 mph..." and then, "the driver has turned on the Eyes on the Road/Hands on the Wheel light. This means the driver can talk to you, but cannot look at you while driving..." This is a kind of driving training that not only teaches the science of road concentration, the challenge to all driving, but is not fearful, punitive, uncomfortable or inappropriate and could simply be termed, "driving wisdom."

Over the years national DMV have printed ASF safety materials in their Driver Handbooks, and Former President Clinton has endorsed this ASF safety effort:

The ASF modernization of driver licensing and education programs offer the copyright use of methods/materials: the Copilot Driver License, slogans and videos, copyright use, that will increase road safety, lower cases of driver impairment, while also offering DMV new licensing revenues.

Additionally, ASF has also determined that phone banking and security also are in need of modernization. The incidence of cell telephone banking while driving is likely more dangerous than text messaging as it also may incorporate; obtaining an ATM card from a wallet, reading the card's account number and then entering the phone prompts prolonging driver distraction considerably!

Due to this driving endangerment, the Automobile Safety Foundation has petitioned the FCC, OCC, for the modernization of telephone banking and account security. ASF proposes the phone prompts should be changed to allow voice recognition and command. Furthermore, bank account and ATM account numbers can be obtained too easily, and therefore should be replaced by a secret password and personal information that is memorized by client and can be communicated by voice. Based on the above, bank numbers that offer a singular banking service should consider eliminating the any kind of caller previewing that delays service, and expedite the call ringing the bank representative directly.

Over the past few years ASF related the above information to JP Morgan Chase, and successfully campaigned to encourage Chase to convert to a simple, "00" remedial from entering an ATM or account number to reach a representative. This was followed with an outstanding success with CitiGroup. ASF encouragement help lead to a conversion of their phone systems to voice activation, eliminating the need for dialing prompts. This new approach to telephone banking is now the precedent for a bank industry standard that ASF has termed, "express calling." These remedial measures not only reduce driver distraction improving road safety, but also offer time saving and ease of call benefits that lead to greater customer satisfaction! ASF requests that all banks and financial institutions follow the CitiGroup example for telephone banking. (Note: The Automobile Safety Foundation founded in 1988 research materials are the result of years of valuable ASF research. Per fair business practices, ASF submits that banks that utilize this important information, act "socially responsible"and proffer a tax deductible donation to ASF, based on a fair market value for this type of research, to help further the good cause of auto safety. Banks should also consider the use of ASF Gift Card copyright information).

The Latin prefix "co" means to "work together," for example, "cooperation, co-op, coed…copilot." We are all copilots on our roads and highways, so let's...Team for Auto Safety! Please help communicate the ASF safety message, to friends, family and everyone worldwide. ASF also invites readers to write or call your DMV, elected officials and bank to request that they implement the Copilot License, Express Calling and ASF programs for the safety of all on the road.