Conrad Evart Launches Crowdfunding Campaign via Kickstarter to Produce a First-of-Its-Kind Documentary on Anti-Poaching

Failure, despair and hyperbole are the keys to success in the world of fundraising. As efforts to prevent poaching makes headlines and raise millions of dollars for ineffective anti-poaching efforts we can be sure more failure, despair and hyperbole will follow. But, in a little known corner of Mozambique a twenty-year success story is waiting to be told. Poaching can be effectively prevented. Zambeze Delta Safaris proves this every day. If endlessly contributing to failed anti-poaching efforts is your thing, there are many organizations ready to take your money. If you’re interested in successfully preventing poaching read on.


Helena, MT -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2015 --With a strong storyline revolving around Mark Haldane, Craig Windt and their rangers, "Anti-Poaching" is sure to be not only an excellent documentary but an authoritative how-to guide for anti-poaching efforts. That's because the efforts made and results achieved will be shown to be truly effective with an easy path to follow to replicate their proven anti-poaching success anywhere in the world.

These men have spent much of their lives finding ways to prevent poaching. The documentary will explain how these effective tactics and strategies were developed and the way they are put into place today to great effect.

This project's goal is two-fold:

-To share proven anti-poaching strategies and tactics.

-To inspire people to contribute to Zambeze Delta Safaris ongoing anti-poaching effort by informing and inspiring more people to contribute in support of their ongoing mission.

The planned "Anti-Poaching" documentary consists of six episodes with a 30 minute run time that will cover such important wildlife perseveration topics such as:

-The Evolution of Anti-Poaching in the Zambezi Delta: This episode will be about the civil war, development of hunting in the Delta and when poaching prevention started.

-Nuts & Bolts: This episode takes a look at the exciting world of quick response by finding out how and why motorcycles work.

-Corn, Water, Books, and Meat: This episode explains the importance of community economics in poaching prevention.

-Hi and Lo-Tech: This episode will discuss the techniques of blending helicopters, GPS, night vision, tracking and foot patrol.

-Research and Development of Tactics: Will teach how to sets snare and gun traps, whip snares, trail snares on logs, etc.

-Justice: This episode will focus on tribal court sentences for the poachers.

World renowned hunting authority and retired colonel of the United States Marine Corps Craig Boddington is a staunch supporter of this anti-poaching effort. As an avid hunter for years and an established leader proven to get the job during his military career, Colonel Boddington knows a winning solution when he sees it.

Talking about the significance of this project, Conrad Evarts says, "This common concern for wildlife drives us all to search for solutions to the challenges facing wildlife around the world. Poaching affects animals everywhere that they coexist with man. Having found a collection of solutions developed by Zambeze Delta Safaris, we are excited to share them with the rest of the world."

The funding requirement for this project is $279,750, and Conrad has recently started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise these essential funds.

This crowdfunding project ends on May 16, 2015.

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About Anti-Poaching
Anti-Poaching will be a documentary highlighting twenty years worth of experience and pragmatic trial by ZDS. It will explain how tactics and strategies were developed and how they are currently implemented. The explanations will be interwoven with the exciting events of the day that support the information.