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By purchasing automatic likes through Buyautolike-com, a specific account can gain visibility and improve its image. With a unique system that scans the account four times every hour for new posts, Buyautolike-com provides automatic likes to every piece of content posted by that account.


Jerusalem, Israel -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2015 --An Instagram account gains credibility through its popularity. Increasing the exposure of an Instagram account requires that its content be considered relevant and worthy of being seen by others. Buyautolike-com provides outstanding opportunities to increase the relevance of any Instagram account through the allocation of automatic likes for the content offered. Packages are available that start at only $3 per week; even accounts with very low budgets can benefit from the services of automatic likes offered by the site.

Buyautolike-com offers subscription services that make it simple to keep any Instagram account current. The service checks the account every 15 minutes to determine if there have been new posts; for every new post, likes are assigned instantly, catapulting the post to greater relevance. The subscription service is offered in monthly, weekly or 15-day options with as few as 40 and as many as 10,000 likes for every picture posted to the account, up to a maximum of three every day.

"I had been looking for new and affordable ways to increase the visibility of my Instagram account," says photographer Becky Mills. "Since I started using, I've gotten more followers and a better response to my posts. It's great!"

With increased Instagram likes, an account can begin building a reputation of being credible and reliable, as well as well-liked. Through a focused campaign of likes, an Instagram account can gain exposure, increasing its reach and attracting notice from a wider audience. With a subscription service like the ones offered from BuyAutoLike-com, marketing an Instagram account and increasing its relevance is both simple and easy.

Through purchased likes, an Instagram account can be nudged into the spotlight, allowing it to be seen by target audiences. Like ripples in a pond, likes will spread from the initial exposure and into increasingly larger social media circles. Buyautolike-com provides the initial push for an Instagram account that just needs a leg up to be seen and appreciated. The site also offers an array of other social media services.

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The site offers services for increasing Instagram likes and improving the visibility of Instagram accounts. With fast delivery and great customer service, it's an easy decision for any account holder looking to improve their reach and visibility. With years of experience providing automatic Instagram likes, Buyautolike-com is an innovative and efficient way to enhance the standing of a new or existing Instagram account.

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