Virtual Reality Mask and Helmet Are Live

The world’s first multisensory VR mask and helmet that give you a full sensory immersion in the virtual worlds of 3D video games and movies through the smells and senses of wind, heat, water mist, and vibration present in virtual worlds.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/29/2015 --Why the mask and helmet are so unique?

FEELREAL Mask enhances the effects of sound and vision of VR headsets, maximizes the realistic presence in virtual reality games and movies by involving all five of your senses. Has an odor generator with seven removable smell cartridges created by professional perfumers that adds the scents to certain scenery by vaporizing a mixture of aromatic substances and that can be easily changed depending on the game or movie you're playing or watching.

NIRVANA Helmet is a transformer with a perfect 3D audio and vision system where in seconds you can attach or remove the mask with all additional effects by means of magnetic clips.

High resolution displays of top model smartphones give you a broad field of view and realistic images that expand your vision beyond expectations.

The 3D audio system provides you with the most immersive sound experience, improving the perception of the game or movie environment.

And all the effects of the mask are felt over the surface of your face.

Play wearing the FEELREAL mask or NIRVANA helmet to explore virtual reality with new and bright senses you've never experienced before.

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