New Ebook Helps Daters Avoid the Lame Game


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/5/2006 -- There are over ten million single adults living in the United States who at one time or another in their live will become part of the pool of dating singles, seeking to find their perfect match.

Many singles will try various methods for meeting new people. These methods include Internet dating web sites, telephone dating services, personal ads and speed dating services. Increasingly, many singles are turning to professional match makers, individuals or firms who specialize in finding dates for singles. This option can become very costly as many match makers charge $250.00 to $3,000.00 (US) for their services and offers no guarantee you will like the people your match maker selects for you to date.

“Many daters have run into the creature that appears to be a sheep but is really a wolf, said Leah Woods a Life Coach and author of Game Dating: Navigating through the Lame Game, “a "Lame Game" refers to a person who is looking for a personal Santa to fulfill all their desires while offering little if nothing in return”.

Game Dating: Navigating through the Lame Game, Leah Woods’ ebook, is an effective tool for daters to learn how to become impervious to the “Lame Game”. Along the way, readers will learn how to develop their “Game” and become skilled in the art of nonverbal and verbal communications. Readers will also learn how to identify a “Player”, a person who tries to trick daters, often telling them that they are the only one for them, when in fact, they are dating several people at once.

Pricing and Availability
Game Dating: Navigating through the Lame Game is available for
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Leah Woods is also the author of Game Chronicles zine, a monthly publication for daters designed to help them develop their dating skills. Game Chronicles zine is available for an annual subscription at a cost of $55.00 per year. The annual subscription includes one Life Coach session with Leah Woods and a copy of Game Dating: Navigating through the Lame Game. To subscribe to Game Chronicles zine visit

About Leah Woods
Leah Woods is a Life Coach and author of Game Dating: Navigating through the Lame Game and Game Chronicles zine. She is a single straight woman dating successfully in New York City who is dedicated to assisting others to their personal success in life.
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