Blue Gas Marine, Inc.

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. Wins 2015 Top Product Award


Apex, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2015 --Blue Gas Marine, Inc. has received the 2015 Top Product Award for its revolutionary natural gas hybrid fuel system, from highly respected, Boating Industry. Editors of Boating Industry Magazine selected the 2015 Top Products based on many factors, including innovation, impact on the industry, and how each product advanced its category – or created a new category.

The Blue Gas Marine, Inc. Natural Gas Hybrid Fuel System technology is the first of its kind in the marine industry. This technology is not only revolutionary it is a market creator and disruptive innovation in the marine industry. Blue Gas Marine, Inc. is the first in the nation to offer bi-fuel technology for boats to run on traditional fuel and also on natural gas, separately or together as a hybrid system. This natural gas technology is a new product category on its own, as there are no other products on the market providing this flexibility for customers. The system solves the core/essential problem for boaters—high cost of fuel and maintenance and greatly reduces pollution making it a much cleaner option that did not exist before.

Blue Gas Marine, Inc. President & CEO, Miguel Guerreiro said of the news, "It is great to be recognized by professionals in the industry especially from a publication as respected as Boating Industry Magazine." Guerreiro went on to say, "The Blue Gas Marine Natural Gas Hybrid Fuel system is something we've worked hard to develop to really benefit the world of boating and make a difference where it matters: protecting the environment and the pocket book, by cutting expenses associated with operating and enjoying a boat."

"When choosing the Top Products, we're looking for innovations that offer solutions. Fuel efficiency, and alternatives to traditional fuel, are huge issues in the boating industry. By giving boaters the option of natural gas or petroleum, the Blue Gas Marine system solves a key problem." said Jonathan Sweet, Editor in Chief Boating Industry.

Boaters know the largest expense in operating a boat is fuel and maintenance, and Blue Gas Marine Natural Gas Hybrid Fuel System cuts those costs by more than 50% while extending the life of engines. That is a significant savings for everyone but especially those who are frequent boat operators such as commercial fishermen, law enforcement, charter boats, ferries, tugs, large ships, the military and recreational users. Since the technology is designed to be installed on most models of existing or new outboard, inboard and generator engines the Blue Gas Marine system is applicable to the entire powerboat market, some sailing applications and even house boats. The technology uses natural gas in the compressed (CNG) or liquefied (LNG) forms so the impact for boaters is endless.

There are many benefits to boaters moving to this new technology. Boaters can save more than 50% on fuel immediately by making the change. The fuel savings cover the cost of the fuel system in under one year, for most frequent boaters. Additionally, this innovation extends the life of engines with zero carbon deposits in the engine due to 100% smoke elimination. Also, it eliminates the issue with using fuel containing ethanol and all the issues this harmful additive has on engines. The system reduces air and water pollution by 70% overall and eliminates all engine exhaust and odor along with all Sulfur Oxides and other carcinogenic substances.

It will also positively impact boaters and the marine industry in general by meeting and exceeding the regulatory requirements of emissions laws, which require cleaner operations. Further, the Blue Gas Marine Natural Gas Hybrid Fuel System eliminates all on-the-water fuel spill impact.

The system also serves as a great safety function, as the Natural Gas fuel system is completely independent from the Gasoline system, never sharing any lines or components, thus ensuring that a boat is never dead on the water even when the gasoline system fails. In this case you simply crank on Natural Gas and come home, then repair the malfunction later without being vulnerable to weather or sea conditions. Having the ability to cut fuel cost and maintenance expense is the driving force for people making the change to utilize the hybrid fuel system but also enjoying all the extra benefits just adds even more value.

This award is not the first time that Blue Gas Marine, Inc. has garnered accolades – it won the North Carolina Technology (NCTA) 2014 Top 10 Startups to Watch Award. Blue Gas Marine is poised for a very dynamic future with strong interest nationally and abroad as well as a growing network of dealers and fueling stations.

Blue Gas Marine, Inc.'s proprietary technology allows any boat engine to add a hybrid system that also runs on natural gas. Imagine a world where boating is cheaper and much cleaner. In today's marketplace traditional fuels such as gasoline and diesel see major price fluctuations, but natural gas has price stability and is a domestically produced fuel that is very affordable and becoming more and more readily available. In an industry where fifteen of the largest boats in the world account for more pollution than all the cars in the world combined, moving the marine industry to a cleaner fuel for all size vessels is a worthy initiative.

To celebrate this achievement Blue Gas Marine has launched an East Coast Boat Tour from North Carolina to Florida's east and west coasts. The Tour will feature demos and boat rides of the Intrepid 327CC equipped with the Blue Gas Marine Natural Gas Fuel system at major boating cities along the coast. Follow the tour on the Company's Facebook page.