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Spring Break Auto Fatalities a Growing Concern

Spring Break Cities See Increase in Auto Fatalities Every Year


Hutchinson, KS -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2015 --There is a 10 percent increase of auto accident fatalities in popular spring break cities between the last week of February and the first week of April (Economic Inquiry). The rise of these accidents is due to the estimated 1.5 million spring breakers who travel to these locations each year. The cities of South Padre Island, San Diego, Miami Beach, Las Vegas, and Panama City Beach all experience a significant increase in auto fatalities during spring break. The majority of these accidents involve out-of-state drivers under the age of 25.

"Binge drinking, drug abuse, and sexual assault remain serious areas of concern for spring breakers. However, the danger of auto accidents is often overlooked," says Scott Mann, auto accident attorney of Mann Law Offices. "It is estimated that there are 16 more auto accident fatalities in a spring break city per year than a non-spring break city."

The study further concludes that alcohol is not the determining factor for the increase of auto fatalities in spring break cities. The main cause of spring break auto fatalities include: distracted driving, texting while driving, driver fatigue from all-night partying, and other passengers in the vehicle.

"There are several tips that spring break motorists can follow to increase road safety," says Mike Wyatt, auto accident attorney of Mann Law Offices. "Young drivers need to be focused on the road and not on their phones, texts, or talking to friends in the car. Passengers also need to be aware of their actions, and do everything possible to avoid distracting the driver."

When traveling to spring break hot spots, students are encouraged to travel by plane. This can help them avoid driver fatigue and the traffic congestion caused by other tourists. While on spring break, college students can avoid driving altogether by choosing restaurants and bars within walking distance. If a longer drive is required, then using a ride share car service such as Uber is highly recommended. This not only decreases the number of cars on the road, but can also help lower the risk of accidents caused by alcohol and distracted driving.