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Introducing Non-Palletized Cargo

Increased Processing at Competitive Rates


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/01/2015 --World Trade Distribution, Inc. is excited to announce that they will be opening a freight palletizing facility and begin taking on non-palletized cargo. The introduction of this palletizing facility will allow for increased processing of containers at competitive rates, as well as expansion of economic advantages for customers in regards to storage and shipping.

Traditional Freight Pallets

Traditional freight comes loaded in on pallets – a wooden frame that acts as a base for carrying and transporting cargo. The use of pallets makes loading containers much easier. When pallets are used, forklifts can unload the freight, reducing the necessity of manual labor. Typically, palletized cargo is faster to unload, and therefore more economical.

The Benefits of Non-palletized Cargo

While non-palletized cargo is often more timely to unload, the new freight facility will alleviate this expense. The new facility will allow for the processing of containers at competitive rates, leading to customer savings in shipping costs.

Non-palletized cargo offers a number of different benefits. First of all, more freight can fit into a single container sans a pallet. Because of this, the consumer can ship more freight per container, significantly reducing shipping costs. For example, a palletized cargo load may only fit 8 pieces of freight; a non-palletized cargo container may fit up to double that amount.

Furthermore, the issue of the gross weight of the container is reduced when the container is transported from the shipping port using our featherweight trucks. When combined with customs bonded warehousing and storage, our freight palletizing facility is the perfect solution to all businesses that are in search of a complete import service facility.

As a note, the facility will also be a food grade warehouse. Food grade warehouses must meet certain regulations, and must be certified. As such, the facility is prepared to ship and store any type of products or goods your business works with.

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