Fair Play and No Fees to Disrupt Crowdfuning and More is going to bat for the little guy, no percentage fees for everything from car service to crowdfunding, IN an all new niche application of a classified ads format FOR GOOD!


Kansas City, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2015 --Fair Play and Disrupt FOR GOOD! Crowdfunding Campaign to create a Crowdfunding Site without fee Percentages or Perks!

Start Up functions on YouTube

Ed Ellis: the owner States:

The newly launched crowd funding site offers a brand new vision for the future of crowd funding, delivering a no-fee, no-perk platform that offers fast cash for users with links to their site & Paypal buttons on their site to go straight to their account.

The goal is to help people promote their vision/product, to acquire funds, and eliminate fees of service providers and defer the cost and time factors involved in being in the perk biz rather than keeping the focus on the solution , Without any strings attached.

No algorithm jazz to trend, but use both/any to capture every result possible!

When startups promote their services on Start Up… Via … YouTube, they can potentially save thousands of dollars as opposed to using platforms such as Kickstarter or indiegogo type services using an innovative new application of a classified ads format.

With the launch of Start Up a milestone in the history of crowd funding marks the moment when crowd funding turns from a …for-money structure to a ….pro-money structure.

Start Up currently charges just $1 to month to post your own startup!

The direct crowd funding site wants to revolutionize the way business is done online.

Currently you have to pedal your own traffic to the other sites as well!

Small businesses can even list on the on the site with video as they would on directories such as Yelp!

Individuals can now list their skill set offerings in a yellow page format to provide Home Repairs to Neighbors per a zip code based search and with

Another no fee concept is ..Also on.. offering two types of platforms for car service providers to save $1,000 a month plus over fee based services like UBER or LYFT.