Free Online Presentation Maker Available at for Leaders

Focusky has recently launched their latest and most innovative online presentation maker. The company announced that this new software is available via their website for ardent presenters at no cost.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2015 --Get ready to say goodbye to plain and boring presentations as Focusky ushers in a new and completely free online presentation maker that allows the creation of outstanding animated presentations. The newest addition to the company's range of digital presentation software is said to be a viable alternative to Microsoft's PowerPoint that increases efficiency and productivity.

This particular software features a wide range of templates that provide interactive slideshows and animated videos, thus enhancing the visuals of information being presented for audience members. It offers its users the option to enhance their presentation with graphics, sound and images which can help not only to get the message across to audience but also cause them to remember all key points.

The free online presentation maker includes a number of features that makes it standout against the more popular presentation software in the industry, such as PowerPoint. Its key unique features allow panning, zooming, free scale scene which allows free display of content and free management of the presentation frame, and path of discovery – the option to arrange presentation contents with a logical path in a step-by-step mapping style.

According to Focusky, with this free online presentation tool, users can publish their presentations online to have them available anywhere at any time even without having a hosting server. Any published presentation, the company announced, can also be accessed by readers without having to install the Focusky software.

Focusky believes that, as a leader, this free online software can not only help to enhance the scope of a professional presentation but also keep audience members engaged. "The basic requirements of a good presentation include clarity of thought, good structure, and highlighted key points, and that is what this software was designed to represent," said spokesperson for Focusky, Jason Chen. "With the powerful design and edit features of this software," he continued, "one can present professionally as a leader without any hassle!"

The Hong Kong based company encourages all types of leaders and presenters to experience their new, free online presentation maker to enhance presentations for their audience and to increase their own efficiency while creating them.

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Business name: Focusky
Spokesperson: Jason Chen