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Bill Poulos of Profits Run Releases Free Tool for Traders to Identify Their #1 Profit Killer

Trading and financial education firm releases free survey tool for traders to maximize their profit potential


Wixom, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/04/2015 --Bill Poulos, renowned financial educator of Profits Run, recently released a new, free tool that is helping traders across the globe, in a variety of different markets, identify their #1 Profit Killer so they may use that information to maximize their profit potential. Profits Run, a trading and financial education firm based in Michigan, is known for helping students learn how to most effectively maximize profits when trading in stocks, options, exchange traded funds, commodities, forex, and more.

Throughout his 15 years as a financial educator, teaching more than 50,000 students, Bill has identified a variety of different habits that decimate any trader's ability to build wealth consistently in the markets. While most traders tend to attribute their failures to picking the wrongs stocks or not having a good system, Bill has specifically identified these series of mistakes and labeled them "The Profit Killers".

Bill has discovered, through his vast teaching experience, that almost every trader tends to suffer from at least 1 of the 7 Profit Killers he has identified, and no one is totally immune from these series of mistakes. These Profit Killers can be easily corrected, but the most essential element is identifying them so traders know what to work on to consistently improve their profits.

To help traders with maximizing their profit potential, Bill has developed a series of questions, in the form of a survey, that any trader can take to identify their #1 Profit Killer. These series of questions are brief and usually take about 15 seconds to determine which Profit Killer has the most negative impact on a trader's habits.

For a limited time, access to this valuable analysis survey tool is free and any trader can complete it by visiting: to identify their #1 Profit Killer. In addition to identifying their #1 Profit Killer, those who complete the survey will also receive step-by-step information about how to fix it. This survey is a valuable tool for traders of all experience levels, whether they are just getting started in the industry or are veterans in the trading markets.

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