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New Logo and Identity Lights Up Oplite Technologies, Formerly Known as Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies

Manufacturer of Interior LED Aviation-Quality Precision Lighting, Oplite Technologies is Now a Division of Machine Inc.


Stoughton, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/05/2015 --Stoughton-based, high-tech and quality-minded machining company specializing in CNC precision machining, engineering, and assembly solutions for a wide range of industries, Machine Incorporated, breathes new life into Oplite Technologies. Formerly known as Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies, Oplite Technologies is launching its brand with the introduction of a new logo and website. This brand renovation was completed in collaboration with Boston-based industrial marketing agency, Grant Marketing.

Graphically, the new logo depicts the colors of Optlite's LED lights (green, white, blue, and red) in the form of pointed rays emanating from the letter "E" in Oplite. Keeping with the strategic direction of the company, the new website is bright, informative, and easy to navigate. The cockpit image on the home-page slider illuminates in the four LED light colors, offering a more interactive user-experience.

Richard Mileika, a commercially-rated pilot and president of Machine Inc., said, "All our LED lighting products are designed, prototyped, and manufactured by craftsmen, skilled CNC-machine operators, and high-tech engineers at our manufacturing facility in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Our aim is to take this LED aviation-pedigree technology to various industries and applications other than aircraft manufacturers. In the end, Oplite Technologies is committed to making both off-the-shelf and custom lighting products that can increase the visibility of unique spaces, special objects, moving machinery, commercial, and defense-related boats, vehicles, and beyond, while minimizing accidents and injuries due to poor lighting."

For more information on Oplite Technologies, visit or call 781-297-3000.

About Oplite Technologies
Oplite Technologies manufactures superior quality LED precision lighting for aircraft interior lighting. Its products are FAA-PMA certified for Cessna installation. Oplite LED aviation lights are made in the United States, and can be purchased worldwide through its distribution network.

Its aviation-quality precision lighting is available in "Certified FMA-PMA" and "Experimental" versions. All of its LED map lights and gooseneck lights are precision CNC-machined with LED components encapsulated in epoxy compound. Oplite is an AS9100/FAA-PMA-approved contract manufacturing facility equipped to deliver products to customer specifications. Its precision lighting conforms to Mil-Spec wiring, Mil-Spec anodizing, and is quality tested.

Because they are depended on for interior use in aircraft cockpits and cabins as task and map lights, every Oplite Technologies LED light is tested for reliability, and Maplight 4 and 6 are certified for Cessna replacement interior lights. Oplite LED lights are also suitable for similar applications in marine, automotive, defense, home, and general industrial settings.

Oplite Technologies, previously owned and manufactured by Mid-Sota Aircraft Technologies, is now a division of Machine Incorporated.

About Machine Inc.
Machine Incorporated is an established, highly reliable CNC machining source and AS9100/FAA-PMA-approved contract manufacturing facility—a preeminent supplier, dependable in both product and customer service. With a common-sense approach to business and defined, stable processes in place, Machine Inc. maintains a high standard of quality, consistency, and cost effectiveness. With precisely calibrated equipment and adherence to strict manufacturing, verification, and lot-control documentation standards, Machine Inc. ensures parts are flawless, produced on time, and meet precise specifications and requirements. By employing lean practices and Kanban systems, it is also one of the few firms in its industry to use cloud-based inventory management for optimizing and automating clients' inventory control processes. Vigilant process management allows Machine Inc. to anticipate customer needs and provide streamlined, proactive results consistently.

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