WeightLossWars Contestants Burn Fat for the Summer


Orem, Utah -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2006 -- As summer approaches and the bathing-suit season begins, people everywhere are desperate to slim down their winter worn bodies. Spring fever has caused things to heat up at WeightLossWars.com, especially for one group of friends in a competition named the “Dixie Cup Cruise.”

While the competition has been going since December, the “war” has recently caught on fire. Sparked by the warm weather beginning to show its face and the thought of wearing a bathing-suit on a day at the beach, the contestants have gained a sense of urgency which is sure to continue right down to the finish line.

The leader at this point is JHarlor who has lost an impressive 27 lbs, although he is closely followed by mmcox1115 and teach0905, both of whom are losing weight and closing the gap fast. With just over three months to go, there is still plenty of time for any contestant to achieve victory.

This concept of a competition based weight loss program has helped WeightLossWars.com to become such a red hot success. Combining the desire of so many people to improve both their weight and health with the competitive nature prevalent in almost everyone, WeightLossWars finds it easy to overcome the major stumbling block to anyone trying to lose weight, motivation. Now with the added drive of showing off your best self in the summer, the buzz over starting a competition is at an all-time high.