Free Interactive Presentation Maker by Focusky Is Released for More Effective Communication

Hong Kong technologist, Jason Chen, had an idea to create zooming presentation software, now he needs the world to test it. Focusky, their web-based interactive presentation maker, is now free to online consumers.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/10/2015 --Focusky is the flagship product in Jason Chen's business. The free interactive presentation maker was an idea that he developed over years of working within the industry. Chen wanted to create a multimedia and interactive presentation tool that can be portable and professional. Being able to access a presentation at any time on any platform is key in a global business environment. Not only can someone access their presentation from someone else's laptop or computer, but also change it on the spot for an impromptu business presentation.

"Presentation is a common method for people to communicate information in modern activities and businesses. Between enterprises and customers, among colleagues and other cooperative relationships, presentation plays a key role," Chen explains. "Although we designed it originally as a tool to be used by businesses it evolved into something that really is more of a universal communication tool. Teachers can use the tool to transmit lectures, a guy can use it to propose to his girlfriend—it's that versatile."

Focusky wants to reintroduce their software for those who may not have heard of the product or understand its full capabilities by making it free to use. It is their belief that by using this tool and seeing how it has brilliant animation and zooming effects that the product upgrades will eventually sell themselves.

"Our free version is enough to get anyone started with creating presentations," says Chen. "We believe that after someone lands his or her first client by using our powerful tool that he will want to purchase the upgrades. We're that confident in the product that we are willing to take the risk by placing our software on the web for free. How many companies do you know that would do that?"

Focusky's free version enables people to play with the software and take it out for a test drive. If they want additional functionality or the ability to store more and more presentations then they can purchase the affordable monthly plan for a little under $5.

For more information about the free presentation software, visit them on the web at