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VeriShow Launches Automotive Retailing Vertical at Auto Shows Around the Country


West Bloomfield, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2015 --VeriShow the cloud-based web engagement platform that helps organizations engage their site visitors, debut their automotive platform at the 2015 North American International Auto Show Technology Showcase, National Automobile Dealers Association, and just weeks ago at the Digital Dealer Conference.

The success of VeriShow's industry leading web engagement platform among e-commerce retailers has opened a new vertical in the automotive retailing market. Yuval Moed, President of VeriShow stated, "The industry specific knowledge we obtained by helping our e-commerce clients improve shopping-cart checkout and conversions for their online stores, can be directly leverage for dealers looking to improve closing ratios and other transactional process online".

Verishow is a live support and collaboration platform, which, according HBR Labs CEO Yuval Moed, is designed to meet the needs of the new emerging customer who want to interact in person with agents. Essentially, the program is made to enhance customer service. Car dealership representatives are looking to engage customers as soon as they get to their website and VeriShow's platform can help engage personal sales with this new technology.

Purchasing a car should be like purchasing anything else, according to Yuval Moed, who says the internet should be able to play a role. Verishow, a company based in Farmington Hills, MI with research firms in Israel, came up with a web-based program to allow customers to interact more intimately with sales people.

VeriShow provides dealerships with the ability to instantly engage clients online, in person, via text chat, video chat, phone and then browse their own web site or others industry related sites with them as well as review and fill-in applications while interacting online. There is no other way to provide better personal service online.

The VeriShow platform is integrated inside existing website but is invisible until activated by online visitors. Once deployed, live agents can assist visitors with features previously unavailable from a single solution; chat, text, video-chat, co-browse, document sharing, co-editing and screen-sharing. These features require no down-loads or separate software to run. The platform deploys inside the dealer's website and is viewed inside the browser for visitors. This creates a truly interactive web experience for visitors.

"For online retailers abandonment rates from product page to check-out is typically highest. By maintaining engagement with visitor, assisting with form completion and answering any last second doubts at the moment of truth, we found online orders increased as much as 27%. "Our consistent annual growth has allowed us to expand our product portfolio, which in turn lets us support other industries" says Yuval Moed CEO of VeriShow. "The automotive industry is positioned as the next logical market. The positive feedback from website providers at Digital Dealer is allowing us to expand our partner base. The VeriShow platform allows dealers to complete more processes online."

Because VeriShow has demonstrated success of its platform with clients in online retail and e-Commerce, they sought a relationship with a company connected in the automotive vertical that has earned the trust of the automotive community.

Our goal is to help the automotive community optimize their web presence, user experience, and efficiencies," said Yuval Moed CEO. "The auto dealers and web site partners get market-ready service for products built specifically for complex automotive environments. We can now provide the support the service-oriented dealerships community requires."

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