Robert Livingston Starts Indiegogo Campaign for the Market Launch of Racquet Power Weights

Racquet Power Weights® is a training aid for tennis players that will help them rule the court with powerful strokes. The funding requirement to get this project off the ground is $500,000.


Irvine, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/08/2015 --It is every tennis player's desire to serve a tennis ball in such a way that makes it shoot across the court with the speed and power of a missile. The velocity and power of such a powerful tennis serve are two extremely important factors to ensure that they are not returned properly. It generally takes hours of practice to develop the confidence, control and coordination in hitting a tennis ball perfectly. Racquet Power Weights® is an advanced training aid that can help any tennis player achieve this goal with a powerful tennis serve that most tennis players only dream of.

Resistance training is a popular training method that helps athletes increase their strength. It is a common practice amongst professional boxers to practice throwing punches with a barbell in their fist to build this strength through resistance. Baseball players are often seen placing a weighted ring around the bat while warming up in the batter's box to achieve the same end result; a powerful performance at the moment of truth. Racquet Power Weights® empowers tennis players to improve their performance using the same training tool.

In order to benefit from this training procedure, tennis players simply need to add the Racquet Power Weights® to their tennis racquet. Practicing with the added weights for a few minutes before the start of the match leads to extraordinary results. The weights can be attached and removed easily from the racquets without damaging or scratching its frame. This training device has been awarded a U.S. Patent (D703283). Racquet Power Weights® has already been tested and recommended by the late Dr. Don Klotz, Hall of Fame Head Collegiate Tennis Coach at the University of Iowa. (Letter on file).

The creators of Racquet Power Weights® are in the final stages of creating their prototypes. They need a funding of $500,000 to meet all their expenses for manufacturing, marketing, and administration. In order to raise these funds; Robert Livingston has just started an Indiegogo campaign. Proceeds from this campaign will be spent on product molds, product inventory, administration, and marketing. A portion of annual profits will benefit the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

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