FitClick Releases New Talk-to-Track Mobile Diet App


Vienna, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/14/2015 --FitClick, a diet and fitness service, is proud to announce the launch of its free Talk-to-Track mobile app, which uses the company's innovative voice-transcription auto-tracking technology to track a user's calorie intake. Users of the Talk-to-Track mobile app can audibly state the foods they've consumed using the keyboard microphone of an iOS or Android smartphone to count calories and monitor nutrition.

The Talk-to-Track mobile app can interpret spoken or typed diet entries to identify food items and calculate calories, and is the only diet app that leverages the company's patent-pending natural language analysis technology. Talk-to-Track can track a user's calorie consumption over the course of days, weeks, and months, and users can customize their daily calorie goals on the app to meet weight loss objectives.

The FitClick Talk-to-Track app is unique among other calorie-counter apps for its unrivaled ease of use. James Mrowka, President and Co-Founder of FitClick, notes that, "Rather than requiring users to enter food items individually, as other calorie-counter apps do, our Talk-to-Track app's voice-transcription auto-tracking technology allows users to track items and quantities all at once, making our app much easier to use."

Other calorie-counter apps require that users manually type food items and quantities, or search for them within extensive listings. Mrowka added that the Talk-to-Track app has transformed diet tracking into a far more expedient process as well; what previously took a number of minutes can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

The Talk-to-Track app also utilizes learning technology, which helps the app recognize the common food items and quantities a user eats for more effective tracking.

The FitClick Talk-to-Track app can be downloaded free of cost in app stores on Android and iOS phones. In addition to counting calories, the FitClick Talk-to-Track app also breaks down food items by carbohydrate, protein, fiber, fat content, and a number of other daily value components for a comprehensive look at nutrition.

About FitClick
FitClick, a business unit of Genesant Technologies, is a free social fitness community with online resources for diet, fitness, and weight loss. Founded in 2009, FitClick features a breadth of content and tools related to health and fitness in addition to its new Talk-to-Track app, including free diet plans, calorie counters and food journals, BMI and body fat calculators, healthy recipes, exercise demonstration videos, workout trackers, and more.

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