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Innovative Detox Reports: Five Dollar Insanity Drug Imparts Superhuman Strength ... Just Before It Kills You

Expected Soon in Las Vegas, Hyper-Addictive Flakka Imparts a Deadly Insanity


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2015 --According to a blog just published by Las Vegas-based Innovative Detox, the new synthetic designer "club drug" Flakka – also known as "Gravel" because it looks like aquarium gravel – is spreading insanity and death across the club scene nationwide. Physicians across the country now refer to Flakka as the $5 Dollar Insanity Drug.

Flakka is as inexpensive as it is deadly.

By attacking the kidneys, the heart and other vital organs, Flakka is a deadly killer. Major cities already touched by the Flakka invasion are seeing more than 20 Flakka overdose hospitalizations per day. In 2013 alone, Flakka caused 125 confirmed deaths in South Florida, which is where it first became a "hot" club scene drug. Since then, the death toll has risen dramatically.

Already a major new player in the drug scene in a dozen or more major cities, experts predict that Flakka will soon "invade" Las Vegas, which is known for its vibrant "what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas" club scene. Though technically illegal under an DEA ruling which makes Flakka a Schedule 1 drug, there is no practical barrier to the introduction of Flakka into the Vegas club scene.

This drug, which especially targets 18 to 30 year olds, imparts superhuman strength and an incredible high – but that is quickly followed by a kind of insanity known as "energetic dementia," along with kidney failure and death.

"There is no known medical use for Flakka," according to Innovative Detox's President, Lucas Furst, MD, "and there is no known treatment or cure for Flakka addiction, except for a long and painful cold turkey withdrawal.

"This is especially frightening," Dr. Furst explained, "because Flakka is reported to be "one-use addictive." A single use of the drug, even an inadvertent use, leads to addiction that some experts – and some former users – say is even more powerful than addiction to heroin.

"Flakka actually starts to rewire the brain chemistry," Dr. Furst pointed out.

"Users – who become "instant addicts" after as little as one dose of Flakka – have no control over the hallucinations that take over their brains. They are frequently convinced that they're being chased, usually by a gang intent on their murder. These users attack police, shrug off tasers, abandon their infants on the side of busy city streets, or jump off tall buildings – apparently convinced that they can fly.

"One Texas man, who went on a three-day rampage that he can't remember, got high on Flakka when he shared what he thought was a cigarette with someone he thought was a friend," Dr. Furst said. "That minimal exposure was all that it took to trigger that rampage."

Weird behavior triggered by Flakka includes an epidemic of mindless streaking – perhaps linked to the Flakka-triggered sharp rise in body temperature to as high as 107 degrees.

For example, recently in Melbourne Florida, a scrawny 41-year-old man, out of his mind on Flakka, began his rampage by running naked through the city, yelling that he was a god. Then – according to police – he "committed a sexual act on a tree."

Next, confronting a local cop, he informed the arresting officer that he was God. The cop tasered him, but this addict was so high on Flakka that the taser had no effect. He ripped the electric leads out and attacked the cop, who tased him a second time, again without fazing him. Having shrugged off the taser's "lightning," this Flakka addict then claimed to be Thor – the mythological god of lightning – then continued fighting. Finally, after he was subdued by five cops, he was arrested, still out of his mind and still demonstrating superhuman strength.

In South Florida, police are now being advised that it will take four or five large cops to subdue someone on Flakka, even a scrawny 41 year old with delusions of godhead.

"There is no cure for Flakka – which is incredibly addictive – and no real prevention, except education," Dr. Furst concluded. "Flakka is coming to a Las Vegas club scene near you, with consequences that are sure to be deadly. Don't say you haven't been warned."

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