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7 Secrets to Energize Your Workforce


Infusing energy into the workforce is what every business needs to stay ahead of the game according to Annmarie Edwards, author of 50 Tips to Energize Your Workforce. "Energizing your workforce will maximize your staff's potential and provide your company with the tools to excel and prosper for years to come," says Edwards.

Weaverville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/10/2006 -- According to a 2005 survey conducted by SHRM and, which indicated that, hiring and retention are workplace challenges for most employees. In another study done by Monster this year revealed that, 40 percent of HR professional reported an increase in employee's turnover while 70 percent indicated a concern with employee's retention.

A shrinking workforce coupled with the hiring and retaining of talents are pressing issues for workforce management. Edwards suggests the following seven tips to help businesses energize their workforce.

1. Build bridges. The formation of a strong social network is vital to building connections within staff. A social network has many benefits such as increased productivity, improved communication, and a greater commitment from employees.
2. Lend an ear. An open door policy enables employees to talk to management freely about work-related matters without feeling intimidated.
3. Facilitate teamwork. Empower employees through team building activities, which can help to create a sense of belonging. Team building can also improve productivity as teams are challenged to compete with each other.
4. Educate staff members. Learning new skills is empowering. Conduct career development workshops to identify and expand individuals skills.
5. A motivated and energetic staff is key to productivity. By sharing the mission and vision of the company, employees will be motivated to work toward company objectives. They will be aware of what the company hopes to achieve in the short-and long-term, and how important their individual role is to the company's vision.
6. Fun is a highly effective motivator. Leaders can infuse fun into the workplace by organizing events for staff members such as: bowling parties, after-work social events, luncheons, and holiday parties.
7. Happiness is contagious. Leaders who display a positive attitude and pleasant demeanor, and who set a positive example will energize their workforce and increase employee job satisfaction.

Annmarie Edwards is the author of 50 Tips to Energize Your Workforce, which can be found at or

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