Proxense Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Complete the Development of ProxLok Automated, Password Free Login/Logout Device

ProxLok automates device login/logout and eliminating passwords, while making the process invisible and effortless to the user. ProxLok uses both proximity-sensing and biometrics to uniquely provide the perfect blend of simplicity/ease-of-use/efficiency, as well as highly-capable and flexible security – NO TRADEOFFS NEEDED. This life-changing development expands upon Proxense’s patented, wireless, commercial access control and detection technology.


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/18/2015 --Security in our digital lives … nobody wants to deal with it (usernames, passwords, PINs, etc) … yet nobody wants to be without it (leaving their personal info exposed to the world). This tends to create two different types of users:

1.Those willing to live dangerously in order to simplify, speed and ease device and website use.

2.Those wanting everything tightly secured and safe … and willing to tolerate the pain of slow, inefficient, and sometimes tricky use.

The problem is that the traditional model of using passwords to protect to digital content is simply obsolete. Passwords are difficult, inefficient, and problematic. And with the ever-growing number of websites we all live with, they're becoming nearly impossible to manage.

ProxLok eliminates the need for passwords by using a combination of proximity-sensing and biometrics to uniquely provide the perfect blend of simplicity/ease-of-use/efficiency, and flexible security. ProxLok provides the first and only complete solution.

ProxLok is a simple USB-connected device that works in conjunction with smartphones to determine when a user and their smartphone is in range of their laptop/PC. This capability enables ProxLok to not only log the user into their computer and websites (when in range), but also log them out (when not). This option is powerful and extremely efficient, but not overly secure.

ProxLok combines proximity-sensing with fingerprint swipes – when desired/needed – to provide a significantly upgraded computer security solution. With ProxLok, a user simply walks up to their computer, and it and any websites are accessed without any user interaction. However, when this is not sufficiently secure (e.g. online banking), a fingerprint swipe can also be required in order to gain access. And of course, whenever the user/smartphone exits, they will automatically be logged out, and their computer secured.

ProxLok will initially work with Microsoft Windows, and nearly any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. It will also support FIDO-compliant browsers, such as Google Chrome, and OS's such as Windows 10, and is expected to become nearly ubiquitous.

The Proxense team is presently looking for external support to complete the design and start the manufacturing of ProxLok. Proxense has set a Kickstarter funding goal of $175,000 for this purpose. This Kickstarter campaign will end on June 16th, 2015.

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About ProxLok
ProxLok is a simple USB-connected device that will revolutionize the concept of login/logout by uniquely making it password-free and secure. This life-changing development incorporates Proxense's patented commercial, wireless, access control and detection technology.